Why does it feel like basement devs gave us more content 20 years ago?

Professional Studios seem to kinda suck…games made by college kids create legends…Professionals in the industries seem to be churning out nothing but disappointment recently. Why is that?

I think the games solid but lacking a lot of content especially for a 5-6 year wait. The campaign is amazing but it definitely should be longer with more activities to do and the multiplayer is lacking in many aspects. It makes me wonder why do we even have a shop in the game if content is missing. Nobody cares for the shop and honestly should be the last thing added. We care more about gameplay experience than micro transactions the effort put into the shop could’ve been put elsewhere. If the game isn’t complete why is the shop complete. But overall the game is fun and solid it’s just the lack of content… that’s really it. This game would’ve gone even crazier if we had more content on date of release. But the devs do seem to be listening so things have and will be added. Wondering if we can by chance bring elites back into multiplayer? That was an amazing feature and I’m not sure why it disappeared?