Why does Infinite multiplayer on PC perform so badly especially compared to console?

I am thoroughly enjoying Infinite, but I am concerned about the PC performance at this point.

I moved exclusively to Halo on PC with MCC a few years ago, because of my 144hz monitor but also because I loved the performance on PC.

Infinite on the other hand has been laggy beyond anything I have played for years, and ironically I never have lag when I happen to be playing on my Series X in the living room…just on PC.

Also, this getting killed behind walls angers me unlike ever before. This is something I have never experienced in a shooter before.

Also, the fact I can wait quite some time to join a game, and then all of the sudden it says unable to find a dedicated server over and over and over is just not acceptable, especially when on the Series X none of these issues happen for me.

I do IT technical stuff for work so any connection issues I can assure you are not happening on my end.

Aim assist issues would be nice too. You are clearly at a disadvantage with a controller on PC, and coming from the masterpiece that is MCC it is really difficult to shoot and control Infinite. I’m getting better but it shouldn’t be this tough.

Anyway, I just wanted to bring some key issues to your attention 343 and see if anyone else is having PC issues, especially the lag. Thanks!


Infinite is just poorly optimized for PC. Considering how this is negatively impacting high level play I’d imagine its one of their high priority items going into 2022.


You could have a $5,000+ custom PC, and Halo Infinite still runs like you’re using a Dell Windows XP laptop. I had to do so many workarounds to get it running stable, only to find out that Campaign forces the game to reinstall HD Content pack, which is a known cause of instability and crashing in the Multiplayer. I basically have to choose to play Campaign and hope Multiplayer won’t crash, or uninstall the game and only install the Base Multiplayer. I chose option 2, since I beat the Campaign already. 343 needs to fix this heap asap. Halo Infinite is the new “But can it run Crysis?” because not even NASA computers can run it smooth and stable.


I recently bought a PC and Infinite is the game I’ve played the most on. The issues that the game has with PC is annoying. This has been the worst intro game to get into PC gaming lol

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I play PC… had literally zero pefromance issues. Sounds like a personal PC problem etc.

Umm, it isn’t a personal problem.



lmfaoooo dudes using a 2070 as a test machine thats all I needed to see mediocre CPU. It’s not even bad. Watch your own video LOL.

People with 3070s have been having issues.

Now, why is a console out performing a high end PC?

who cares I have 100 FPS easily … your agrument is pointless. Is it “perfect” … nope but not worth complaining about by a long shot

So just because it’s fine for you, it’s fine for everyone else? What kinda logic is that?

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Maybe it’s just me, but the game runs great on both my laptop and PC. Admittingly, my PC is a high-end gaming PC, but my laptop is mid-tier. I can still play at 60 fps on my laptop without any stutter or visual lag or anything. I just can’t run on ultra graphics, which is fine on laptop.

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I’ve had the same alienware since 2016 and it runs beautifully on my pc. Just put all the graphics settings to low that’s what I did.

Simmer down there skillet. My hardware is doing just fine especially my 3080 ti evga card matched to my OC i9-9900K.

I play every major FPS out there on PC and never once had one of them lag ever. Never had one of them allow me to get killed around MF-ing walls like in Infinite.

Your attitude sounds like a personal problem.


It’s just like the real world with politics, and economics. People are Dunning-Kruger effects walking.

If it isn’t happening to them it doesn’t exist, and everyone else is wrong they know better. So they carry on with their nose to the wind thinking feces smells great.

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People still don’t understand how to get best settings. So, they just turn it up and crash their screen to desktop.

It’s fairly simple really when you buy a console you have all the hardware you’ll ever need, compared to a PC where so many diffrent people have diffrent hardware makes it harder to optimize than a game for a console which has limited hardware variablity.

Another night of can’t find a server bullshiz on Halo Infinite. Back to MCC once again because the PC servers are absolute garbage.

343 get your F-ing -Yoink!- together. I’m trying to give you my time but you are making it absolutely impossible.

I think its just people in forums tbh nobody I come across has issues

It’s probably the slipspace engine which isn’t that great, i don’t why it’s so bad but they need to fix it and optimize this game for pc soon

I don’t normally call people out, but you sir are a good ole fashioned jerk. For some reason you gain pleasure from causing others misery.

You should be banned.

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