Why does Halo 5 feel so off? Not enough Chief

I mean, seriously, in the campaign we only were able to play as the chief in three missions. Was it just me, or while sitting through the campaign, you just got so sick of Locke you rushed through all his levels? Of course, all the marketing and such for Halo 5 and possibly 6 was geared towards building Chief’s personality and possibly the 'Human" side to him, but where did this story line go? i do have to agree at some point 343 is going to have to input new characters to keep the content of the franchise fresh,(i.e. Thorne, Palmer, Lasky, etc.) but it was all done so terribly wrong in Halo 5. Throughout the ridiculously short campaign, I felt like I was getting jammed in the face and choked by how Locke was inputted into the game. We were forced to play as him in countless missions, and there isn’t even the same amount of Chief missions to balance it out.
Chief is the face of Halo
The strong, mysterious, silent hero of the halo franchise seems terribly lost in terms of character design and badassery. The hero we’ve all learned to know and love is replaced by Locke in Halo 5. The Master Chief has always been a strong and noticeable figure in the gaming community, it was the pride that all Halo players wore on their chest. However, such an amazing character has been put to waste. Some people in the gaming community haven’t even heard of the Master Chief… What happened to such an iconic figure? Why was he poorly incorporated into the game? Remember the good old days when we were a younger audience, and how great it felt to take on the role of Chief or the Arbiter in previous Halo games? I don’t feel the presence of a hero when I play Halo 5’s campaign as Locke. Even the campaign of Halo 4 seems to be better, even though many people complained that it did not feel right in the game’s early stages. I mean please, 343. More Chief. I would be totally happy if you dropped Locke for Halo 6. How about a campaign extension? With more chief missions?
Dies anyone else agree with me?