Why does everyone seem to hate HaloFollower?

Okay, I just wanted to first say I don’t watch HaloFollower’s videos. I unsubscribed because of all the speculation videos & I just got kinda tired of hearing them. I haven’t followed them for a few months now & I assumed with almost 400k subscribers, people would like him. Turns out, from a lot of people I talk to, they don’t like him… at all.

Could anyone explain why people don’t seem to like the HaloFollower crew/channel/network?

I’m just curious since I’ve been out of the loop.

And side question… do people enjoy Ready Up Live or is that like this?

I personally find Halofollower a bit biased, and well… factually inaccurate… like… Wikipedia inaccurate.

See, the thing with HaloFollower is that they’re notorious for the spreading of misinformation and just plain bad theorycrafting.

On the other hand, ReadyUpLive is the exact opposite of this and they are quite good at what they do.

Cool. I can see what people mean about HaloFollower fact checking,

I don’t like Halofollower because of their lack of basic knowledge for how the English language works. They routinely misuse words and their grammar can be awful. Halofollower’s lack of lore knowledge being a source for “everything Halo” is pretty awful. I think my biggest issue is with Chris is that his speculation comes from a place foreign of common sense.

Here’s the thing right, it’s easy for me to be a critic but I’m not putting out better content. So I -Yoink- and complain about them but they do a great service for the Halo community as a whole. I respect their efforts but not anything else. Ready Up Live and Halo Cannon are MUCH better channels for Halo content.

Pretty much what has been said already. Too much inaccurate information being presented in videos. It is like they don’t even check their sources before uploading the video.

There is a lot of click bait too, as of recent.

While your question may be innocent enough, this thread is calling out and will lead to flaming of an individual, which is not permitted.