why does BS Angel do weekly updates?

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Whoever this is obviously has no knowledge of competitive gameplay. They ramble on about things nobody cares about. No normal human reads more than a few sentences of the entire bulletin. Everyone reads matchmaking updates. That is typically it. Each bulletin should mainly cover balancing issues and gameplay features. I feel like BS Angel talks like a 3rd grade teacher speaking to a class. Talk about DMR blancing, ordinance drops (good or bad), overpowered or underpowered weapons, etc. Just make it sound like you are working to make a competitively balanced game. Jeremiah and BS Angel have to be the two worst bulletin people ever. It is an absolute joke. They pay somebody to do the bulletin who sucks terribly at halo. Make it seem like you actually care about the game we payed for and are playing.

They’re kind of hard to read. I just read them hoping they’ll admit to their mistakes. Or maybe they’ll announce fixes they’re implementing to Custom Games.

… but I dream …

Yay! I am not normal. I appreciate the compliment.

shes female