Why does arena matchmaking suck so hard?

So I was playing team slayer tonight, I’m ranked platinum III, and every single game I played was against 3 or more diamond rank 4+ players, where as my team were all platinum ranked (with even some golds) with one or two diamonds here and there.

I don’t have a problem playing higher ranked enemies but make my TEAM that rank to if you’re going to do that nonsense. Pretty damn frustrating. I’m guessing once I hit diamond I’ll be playing nothing but onyx ranked players.

All off you guys need to chill out and sit back and enjoy a game. Its been out for 2-3 weeks. 343 understands the matchmaking is unfair right now just give them time. All i see is people complaining on the threads about how they get matched up to high ranked people. Ranked systems doesnt mean crap. It isnt judged on how good that player is its on there win losse ratio. So in other word stop complaining on how people keep beating you and either play to have fun or learn and adjust to them and get good at halo

Seriously, i can’t bear playing this game for much longer as is. The MM experience is dreadful in this Halo like it has been since Halo Reach. Ever since they removed the old ranking system the game has been 80-90% no mics it feels. I remember in Halo 3 i used to get a little irritated at losing sometimes when one or two of my teammates didn’t have a mic. Now I am very happy to have a single other player in the game with a voice.

The experience has been overwhelmingly dreadful. Not all bad, but so much frustration with this game. This isn’t a critique on the game mechanics or anything. I honestly still refrain from judging the gameplay too much because I so RARELY ever have good matches that i cant tell if things are balanced and whatnot. Its just 8 guys with no mics sprinting around without any sense of what the other guys are doing. Might as well be playing a Campaign.