Why Does An Armor Set Cost $20?

I was a H5 whale. Spent over $2k. I’ve put $100 into infinite so far, but until some drastic changes are made, I probably won’t invest any more. Even we have our limits.

I completely agree with this post, it’s kinda funny how Infinite “doesn’t have fomo” by having endless battlepasses and yet immediately has a store which undoes all that good will.

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Armors, maybe, but what kills me is how they sell the jpeg skin color swaps for high prices, and they don’t even work on other cores. They just paint bucket the color a different color and sell that bad boy for $10, but it only works with one armor core, so you gotta pay $10 for the same skin for your other core

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Even after the patch, the progression is still slow as balls.

And, they still haven’t fixed BTB crashes despite the patch notes saying they did. Can’t even play more than two matches without a crash. Also, custom games is unplayable, since selecting a saved gametype variant instantly crashes the game.

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its a part of halo idk what youre on about but this was not an intelligent thing to say

This model is objectively bad. Anyone defending it is just a shill and a fanboy period.

You buy a 10$ esports kit and you cant even use the color on other armor cores? Can’t use the helmet? The Reach Kits are only usable all or nothing? You will have to buy the seperate pieces of armor and still can only use them on a certain armor core?

Theres a post on reddit where they showed it’ll cost 1000$ to get the armors that are coming. Its DISGUSTING. An entire armor kit should be like 3$ not 20$.


When I obtained EOD in Halo 3 back in the day it was the greatest flex ever, telling friends about it & having them ask me for help with it was so fun.

The reward for doing anything in Infinite currently is 50xp & the glorious chance to pay to look cool as oppose to earning the right to look good.

Because how else would the management be able to afford their 16th yacht??? Think man, think!

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What the hell is a “whale”? Why are people being compared to the largest mammal on Earth? I’d wanna be an Iguana.

We let EA and Activision get away with it for so long its become the norm. 343i just wants to hop on the money grubbing band wagon instead of giving a quality game.

“Disappear at any moment” is what I don’t like about it. It brings forth the worst in some people and I feel like when devs use timed offers with limited items like this they take advantage of the human psyche.

That’s disgusting! Where?

Since links aren’t really allowed, just google search for a Reddit post on r/halo with this title. With all 88 store bundles leaked, you will have to spend about $1,035 to buy everything! None of these are unlockable by playing. Here's a full list

Do note this is just someone guessing based on current bundles so the actual price could be higher or lower.


Thanks, chief.

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Customization has always been a pillar of Halo since H3, and never have I had less to personalize my Spartan.

The battle pass and shop system are very underwhelming. My main gripes with the battle pass is how much non-content it’s filled with (challenge swaps and boosts) and how a majority of customizations are paywalled in the shop. All I ask is that 343 provides a 3rd means of acquiring cosmetics either by allowing us to earn/grind premium currency or include all shop cosmetics in the battle pass either immediately
or slow dripped in.

Please keep posts civil and constructive and offer how you would fix the system. I’ve updated the OP to include my thoughts here and I hope 343 provides a solution.

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I paid $20 for the Zvezda Armor Set. I only wanted that White/Cyan armor coating “Bleached Bone,” as it was shown in the flight as “coming soon” and it was the best looking one I saw. I finally saw the opportunity and leapt at it.

Later I learn that the Armor Coating is limited to only the Mark VII Armor Core, and I wanted to use it with the Mark V, or potentially whatever other Armor Cores came later on. I was mad, but sucked it up at I ran through the battle pass.

I was excited to see a couple attachments that were in the Battle Pass. Something to look forward to unlocking aside from the lvl100 Armor Effects. Turns out these attachments are only available for the Mark V Armor Core.

I’ve long since lost my patience and excitement for the potential customization. This is ridiculously narrow considering the possibilities.

There was a time where studios used to sell a game with full content at 50-60$.
What we have now are:

  • unfinished and broken games at 60$
  • studios charging extra money for DLC content as an expansion later on although that content was already there from the begin with
  • Free to play games that psychologically lure you to spend far more money than 60$ on a game by locking cosmetics or/and pay-to-win-items behind a pay wall
    The sad thing is that probably most people fall for it and tend to spend at lot more than 60$ on a game which is why studios and publishers won’t stop.
    The future of games is dark and I’m afraid to see how much worse it is going to become.
    I really wish people wouldn’t open their wallets so much so that these toxic systems would dry out.

Mp is free and campaign will be on gamepass only money im out so far is paying for gamepass. I like to earn my rewards not impulse buy out of the shop.

These pricing schemes prey on young children that haven’t developed an understanding of the cost of earning money.

I’d also add in that any product marketed at kids and teens uses manipulation to get them to buy. Apple does it with the iPhone, clothing brands do it, even man children cave towards ads that suggest they aren’t a real man if they don’t have a truck big enough to require a ladder to get in.

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