Why does 343i only update every month

Every month we get an update from 343i involving Halo 5 but we dont hear much else unlike during Halo 4 which they knew was a lost cause trying to get people to play so they let the true fans know what was happening and they were quick to fix any issue with the game but with Halo 5 we hear from them once a month and its like the rest of the time they arent even paying attention to their game like they let bugs and glitches until one day they go to the office and fix it and the knew stuff sits for another 30 days rinse and repeat is it maybe because they are busy planning Halo 6 which I dont mind they just need to let us know thats why the updates are coming slow its not just that they dont have hardly any playlists but im not onna beat that dead horse anymore than I already have but I just want know why they did this and if any body has any answers please tell me

Every month seems like a long time but a lot goes into fixing the things that need adjusting. This allows for enough time to make sure that the problem is fixed rather than just sticking a bandaid over it and just acting like everything is fine. Yes they need to add more playlists for arena to give it more of a competitive feel (king, oddball) but I think this will come with time. Look at other games like Destiny, this game was updated every few months. You’d have something broken for the longest time with a promise of a fix and it never came for sometimes almost 6-7 months. Halo has been much better with this and I’m sure they’ll keep it up.