Why does 343 hate doubles?

I have always found team doubles to be the most competitive game mode in all of the halo games. I played it since halo 2. But since 343 took over doubles has been an after thought. It was missing for a good portion of halo 4s life. It took so long to get it into the mcc and now here we are again stuck waiting for what should be a standard game mode.

Overall I really like halo 5 but I have to voice my disappointment again for the lack of doubles. Its the same thing every single time a new halo comes out

343 is notoriously bad at playlist management. Not only are they very reluctant to give people the playlists they want, they create redundancy in the playlists they do put out. They’ll put out a 4v4 team slayer playlist, and then they’ll put out another 4v4 playlist that is made up of a mix of objective and slayer.

hey already have done that. Arena slayer and Team Arena.

Yeah doubles would be great. You can’t even for for it. A team objective playlist without slayer would be great as well, but instead we can vote for ctf and strongholds playlists…

I assume it will be added eventually as there is no objective only playlist, but there is the issue of team arena being useless. Not to mention, forge isn’t in the game yet so after forge is released, it may be added.