Why does 2401 penitent tangent have a different body than the other monitors?

As you can see 2041 penitent tangent has a different body than the other monitors. Is there any reason why?..

Yes, you’re comparing a Halo2 model to a more recent rendition of the monitors. 2401 is amongst the other monitors in the group, you will see.

343 guilty spark has the same body as those in the terminal in both halo 2 and halo ce.

I honestly don’t think it matters at all.

Bungie may have given Penitent Tangent a slightly different body with the idea that all the monitors had slight differences to individualize them from each other. But it is also an older game model and 343 might be deciding to just have them vary with color and not body-type.

He’s broken, can’t you tell?