Why do you love Halo?

Not trying to hate. I just was wondering what exactly everyone loves about Halo!

In short, why do you play halo?

My reason is bc I have got a bunch of friends who do… And they like me for different reasons… But, not to glote, I’m pretty popular…

For a ton of different reasons. I grew up on Halo with the launch of CE on the original Xbox, so nostalgia definitely plays it’s part I’m sure. But the series has always been a staple go-to game for me. Equal starts, simple mechanics, and basic gun play were enough for me to lose myself in and have a great time, especially since players are able to take those simple mechanics and make incredible plays with them on maps, whether it’s multiplayer, or insane speed runs in campaign.

Should you decide to not read the books, you’d be missing out on quite a bit of lore, but the originally series has an easy to follow narrative in those games so you don’t actually need any background knowledge beforehand. But it definitely hooked me in, prompting me to want to dive into more of the extended lore regardless.

Also, the sandbox allows you to do things like this in game.

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