Why do you like Halo

As the title says what is it about Halo that you like, by this what brought you to Halo and why you stay.

The reason I like Halo is the story and how they decide to tell it. By this I find it interesting how children were kidnapped at age six to become these super soldiers and basically become walking tanks. That and just about everything that happens in Halo is interesting in my book.

So what about you?

The story as always been one of my favorite story in all games

The Universe. Obvious thing that no other game will ever have. The only thing that will always remain unique to Halo.

The lore, the community (less so lately), the sandbox, the campaigns, the characters, and the music.

Lately, just the lore.

It has a story unlike other games, that’s worth playing many times. it gave me freedom to do what i wanted, when I first saw it, i was amazed that you could drive a warthog and then be able to get and walk around. the vehicle freedom is there, forge is unique. I can jump around the map and play on different levels unlike flat play like call of duty.

Great story, great multiplayer, cool armors, addicting FPS. 'Nuff said.

The Universe every single thing about it.

Story is great, so much detail, my first fps was halo ce, I have loved every mechanic of halo from 2001 to present. Halo rocks.

The lore trumps everything else in halo the gameplay and multiplayer.

It’s a dark but fairly realistic sci fi with very intriguing and truly alien species rather than just space communists and scientists that look like humans ala Star Trek, and while there are few of them, they are more interesting and deep than most species in Star Wars. It also (well, Bungie era) has one of the most intriguing art and sound directions I’ve ever witnessed in video game. Especially Reach, despite it’s fundamental gameplay flaws.

Many years ago when I tried out the Halo Trial - I got a disc that contained 2 game demos, one of them was the Halo Trial - I thought some like that: WTF is this. So firstly i didn’t liked it, probably because I was just a kid. Then years passed and I found the Halo’s demo disk, and installed up to the notebook. I can’t tell you how many time, I played over and over again the Silent Cartographer level. And then my brother got the Halo Combat Evolved and I was curious about Chief’s story. Then I became a Halo fan, and a sci-fi fan too.
So answer to the question I like Halo because its universe, story, character, MJOLNIR armors, music.

Everything, but mostly the fact that the universe is so vast and mysterious. Honestly I think Halo has the best story of not just games, but all of media. There is so much lore behind the games that it’s become more then just a video game franchise.

Love the multiplayer and am addicted to learning about the lore.

The story / universe and the multiplayer.

I will never forget Halo CE’s second level, Halo. They gave me a warthog and said “Go have fun” driving around a mysterious and exotic world.

TheUniverse/lore. Love it and it’s ever expanding hah.

so far, much of what everyone here is saying, the lore, game play, characters, stories, tec.
though I do wish they would keep or bring back sum things…

its unique

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> so far, much of what everyone here is saying, the lore, game play, characters, stories, tec.
> though I do wish they would keep or bring back sum things…

Boom! This comment is why Halo will always be better than CoD. (In my opinion)