why do you guys hate firefight

why do you forum goers not want to discuss firefight mode?

Well MM FF is just not as fun as OSDT’s FF was. Plus I have no reason to play Halo: Reach so I never really mention it. I think everyone here is just more concerned about core game mechanics and how they will be affected by the upcoming TU.

I love firfight. never knew there was a general dislike to it… Past going through the story, FF is great!

There’s nothing really to discuss about it.

I personally like it as a warm up or cool down if i get PEOED in a game its pretty good game but everyone just seems to hate it

Infinite ammo crates.


I actually kinda preferred ODST Firefight, but guess what? The community asked for FF MM, they got FF MM… and then some.

Read Firefight is fun, but it doesn’t have the same affect ODST Firefight had. You couldn’t just group up with randoms and no mics. You had to use teamwork. I kinda miss that.

Firefight is awesome in odst, great in reach. I say that because, aside from unearthed, all reach firefight maps suck and the lag, omg…