Why do we still suffer with black screens???

Black screens, loading screens, we’re lucky if can go just one game without encountering an interruption.

Usually I’m ok to wait it out and continue playing the game.

But today, I was playing CTF on Complex. Blue Team, 2-1 up and we get a loading screen for 3 minutes.

Game restarts, Red team have won the game 3-2.


Whilst I was staring at a loading screen for 3 minutes the Red team scored another 2 flag caps and won the game!

I couldn’t beleive it, I wanted to rage launch my controller into my nice new expensive flat screen.

I hate this damn game sometimes.

Thaf’s not the game. That’s your internet.

P2P networking. When the host quits the game has to select a new one. This takes some time. Why so much time I’m not sure as I’m no networking expert. Dedicated servers for the next Halo game should solve the black screen when someone quits…I hope.

> Thaf’s not the game. That’s your internet.

No, it’s host migration. And until they have dedicated servers we probably will have to deal with it. Just like Jrock mentioned.

I don’t suffer from black screens. I have good Internet with an OPEN NAT.

> I don’t suffer from black screens. I have good Internet with an OPEN NAT.

What if i told you have black screens. If a host quits, you will have a black screen. I have one of the best internets of my country, open nat and i still get black screens…

> I don’t suffer from black screens. I have good Internet with an OPEN NAT.

Your super awesome internet with you open NAT doesn’t stop host migration unless you are the host every single game which you’re not. I have an open NAT with a 70/10 connection, ~15ms ping time, 11 ports forwarded, and QOS setup and still get black screened when the host migrates. Go Figure.

It’s host migration or someones leaving. until we have dedicated server we will have to deal with it. You said they just randomly scored a flag during black screen??? lag switch!

I really hate the black screens in this game. Sometimes I hate how people can score during these screens.

The result of people scoring while you’re in black screen is either due to network manipulation by someone or you having a problem connecting to the new host which could be caused by something on your end or their end. Basically P2P networks suck and I can’t wait for dedicated servers.

> I don’t suffer from black screens. I have good Internet with an OPEN NAT.

I also have an OPEN NET and good internet, but I still suffer them time to time. Part of it is due to the lack of dedicated servers…


I was playing H4 throwdown solo yestermorning around 5 am. No one but foreigners online. Guy from Ireland or something gets host. First minute in the game half their team quits. No mercy, happens to me all the time. We go up 3-0 in CTF. Black screen, they get full team. Game completely restarts. 0-0 score. WTF friendly quits. End up losing 5-1 or something because I’m from US and have to 6 shot everyone. I love Halo and think hey this is better than Reach. But dumb stuff like this just bums me out

What I don’t get is that the black screens have progressively gotten worse every iteration of the game it seems. For one, the better host should be the one that’s selected first. Too many times I get started out with a bad host and then it won’t switch or it will switch really late in the game. I don’t mind the occasional host switch, but it seems like there are nights where I run into a host switch every game.

There are a number of potential reasons:

  1. Host quits forcing migration.
  2. Host migration due to poor host.
  3. Host migration due to cheating e.g standby.
  4. Network manipulation cheating e.g. throttling, booting. Sometimes does not result in host migration so you get stuck in black screen.
  5. Host has shared Internet and gets poor performance/migration e.g. family or dorm members start downloading YouTube videos.
  6. Internet magic, P2P is not the most stable system for multiplayer.

I’m expecting big things with the next gen Halo Xbox One, it is going to be a world of difference just in terms of black screens, anti-cheating, load times etc. I can’t wait.