Why do we still have asymmetric Weapons Spawns in BTB?

Just played a game of Total Control on High Power. Pick up a Stalker Rifle from next to the Wasp spawn. Get to the middle of the map and get one hit killed by a Shock Rifle. So after respawn I head up to the opposite base to find lo and behold a Shock Rifle next to their Wasp spawn.

Weren’t asymmetric base spawns labeled a bug that supposedly has been fixed in Season 2? Or was just the commando vs BR issue taken care of?


I want to ask why we have laser spawn on that small building near sensor , but it’s on the other side of it. I mean if the enemie team is attacking in ctf for example with wasp, you’re unable to take the laser.
Highpower is so messy by the way. They should change something for sure.

Yup I was on Deadlock, they still have one side spawning with Commandos & 1 with Battle Rifles

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Man its like can 343 do anything right? These things should be simple fixes but 343 makes them seem so difficult. really has me worried like if they cant do simple things right then it will be a long time until infinite has all the content it should of had from day 1 along with all the bugs fixed and desync aswell.

Yeah, not a fan of this…
I like and can use commando’s, but there’s no way it’s fair the other team gets battle rifles…