Why Do This To Yourself? Achievement Problem

My friend and I completed the LASO playlist for Halo Reach a few minutes ago. It was a long road, and we were finally glad to have it done. After dying in Lone Wolf and going back to the game summary screen, my achievement unlocked for completing the playlist.

My playlist shows 12/12 missions completed. My friend’s shows 11/12 missions completed, with Epilogue not showing as completed. We started the playlist together from the beginning and did not skip any cutscenes.

His achievement did not unlock, and now there is no way to just play the Epilogue again. Does anyone know of a way to get this resolved? His gamer tag is Notorious Big H. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try and find someone who has a checkpoint on the last level. That’s the only way to complete that level without having to restart from the beginning. Then, all your friend has to do is join that player and complete the level. That should unlock the achievement for him/her.

So, if someone has a checkpoint anywhere on Pillar of Autumn, it should work?

I completed the Reach LASO playlist from Winter Contingency to Lone Wolf, but I didn’t get the achievement, because the playlist skipped Noble Actual. The game checks if you have the LASO playlist completed 12/12 when you finish Lone Wolf. In my case it was 11/12.

I joined a friend who had done his LASO playlist all the way to Lone Wolf and I joined in on the Lone Wolf mission as co-op. We finished it and I didn’t get the achievement right away, but I got it to pop when I exited the lobby and went into my Reach playlists, where the LASO playlist then read 12/12.