Why do the structures on halo firw plasma bolts?

I’ve seen them in every single game. There just always has to be a single charge of some kind of energy (plasma maybe), on every one of those structures that you come across when your on a halo ring. One very good example would be valhalla,can someone tell me what those structures are called, and why they fire those sources of energy towards the center, and were its headed to ?

My guess was what spark said when those pulse generators were to be destroyed in halo ce. Those were probably what the bolt was made of. Also another guess i had was that they keep on firing into the center becuase maybe the switch to activate halo doesnt activate it, but it turns of those structures allowing a pulse to generate at the core of halo. Those structures in my guess are used to keep the core pulse charge when firing a ring, not able to appear.

Just like halo 2, when that pulse was shot, the ring couldnt fire.

Discuss, correct, or answer.

I told them to.

I’m pretty sure they’re just power generators feeding whatever they’re powering.

Sources, i need sources people, proof, anything. BOOKS !!! This part of haloism is a must know for me to know the god question WHY.

You’re not the only one who’s bugged by this, I’ve been wondering myself when I first played the game. =\

Where’s ScaleMaster when you need him? :stuck_out_tongue:

If I recall correctly, these pulses are little mini test firings. The Halos are in a constant state of readiness, and so it’s important to continuously test the firing capability to ensure successful activation of the Halo ring when the time comes.

You’ll notice that these “pulses” are involved in the firing itself (just go back and watch the rings fire in Halo 1 or 2).

This is wanton speculation, but maybe in order to fire the pulses all have to fire at once in order to set off the ring, but they also build up energy so that occasionally they have to let off small bursts or become overcharged. But once again, this is just wanton speculation.