Why do the monitors look different?

I played Halo Infinite and saw that the monitors are more like a ball. I hoped they’d be like 343 Guilty Spark, because of the “back to our roots” designs for everything else. Could it be more related? We’re they different from the others in a special way?

This ring is different.

To be fair, Installation 07 is the LAST of the rings created by The Greater Ark. The monitor here is probably the first model that was settled upon before they made the more compact model of Monitor that is 343 Guilty Spark’s type.

Theoretically speaking, it might have something to do with the conservatory and the endless, a more specialized chassis for that particular job. Or perhaps it has something to do with the Sub-monitor system, as I think that’s a first for Halo as well.

But there hasn’t been an official statement AFAIK.