Why do that again?

Just watched the video for H4. I have to say that alot of it did look really good. The recreation of maps with competitive play in mind, upping graphics and all that. Not entirely sure what the “feel like a super hero” thing is, but whatever. BUT, I have to ask, “Why the heck would you have sprint or anything like Armor Abilities again?” This was probably the single most negative feature of Reach. This caused terrible gameplay and had horrible affects on map design. Get that crap out of the game.

We’ll see how it turns out. For now, just be glad you actually got to see something from 343.

Good luck if you think 343 will listen to the Halo fans, so far they have proved something, they don’t listen to the fans, but what money says.

Everyone needs to calm down and wait till we see more just chill out.