Why do tanks and air vehicles spawn in fiesta?

So, we can have heavy and air vehicles in Fiesta but God forbid we have them in BTB. I see a wraith every 4-5 games. Most of the time only one spawns and during that time it drops at the enemies base. BTB needs more vehicles. Most of the time it feels like a 12v12 arena mode.


Ya enemy gets wraith & you spawn with a needler & sidekick.

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Been on both sides of this. It’s equally fun and frustrating

Well in fiesta everything is random, so also the vehicle spawns. It’s completely unbalanced casino madness and that’s the goal. For me it’s one the ideal to relax social modes. Big chance at having some cool moments and no need to sweat.

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I can finally get vehicle challenges without having to wait 15 minutes for the hope of a wraith to spawn.

Heavy vehicles in Fiesta is fine. The complaint is that they aren’t really present in BTB, which should be the go-to game mode for heavy vehicle shenanigans.

Because it’s a -Yoinking!- party.

It’s me pointing out a flaw. Btb has always had vehicles. The random drops aren’t great.