Why do so many log in for weekly rewards?

As the title says.

I stopped playing for a host of reasons.

The progression is poor but for me the biggest issue is challanges arent fun.

I unjoy the unlock process sure but I would never play a game for unlocks. So I find it curious so many say they log in, grind weeklies and then fond something else?

What is the actual draw? Why do you play to uock cosmetics in a game you dont seem interested in playing?

Maybe its an age thing?
I played days and days of Quake 3 and halo2 online and unlocks werent even a thing so in more modern games I enjoy cosmetic or game play unlocks but I would never consider loging in purely because of that progression.
My only encouragement for play is play itself.

Interested to hear the reasoning at play.

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I still play for fun, but I play more when there’s an objective.

I like that the challenges make me play different modes.

It’s less about the unlock itself and more the streak of unlocking.


I’m with pervadiso.

I am still interested in this game. I have fun anytime I can play with friends. Right now, I’m running on phone internet, so I’m sad to miss this week’s reward which looks really nice. If I wasn’t having fun, I wouldn’t spend the hours needed to get a weekly item.

There’s only been a few weekly items where I played specifically for that: The black and green Sniper (still be best looking sniper ever), the AR skin that matched the pistol and BR skin from the Fracutre Tenrai challenges (that challenge was a total pain to complete and I almost said no thanks), and the pitch black visor which I use on all my cores.

But beyond that, I’ve earned a good few weeklys simply because I was having fun with my friends completing challenges together, wether to lvl up or to complete a special event challenge list.

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Haha crazy.
Phone Internet is literally the inly way i can get a stable enough connection at home.
Even though infinite in particular isnt always willing to play ball.
Big factor in my return to mcc.

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they play because of fomo and in hopes one day infinite will be good

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but I think people will soon start to not care and drop out

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I love to play with friends for fun but weekly challenges do NOT play a role in me playing or not playing. I find the challenges to be more tedious than fun, but that’s just my opinion.

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I have to be honest - it’s also a little something to look forward to every week. Like an episode of your favourite show.

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That really interesting to me.
Im gonna consider this comment when we start the design phase on our next project.

How small would you that something to look forward to be if you had to think of the smallest possible implementation.

I imagine a nameplate wouldnt cut it?

i stopped playing a while ago too, the biggest issue for me is i just wanna be able to earn things on my time, my way, and not worry about them leaving or wasting money on them!


It really is more about finishing the challenges for me.

People talk about how much greater the MCC challenges are, but you can accurately guess what most of them are any given week. I like the variety.

Season 2 has a good combination of challenges and unlocks - I’ ve done all but two (both second weeks of LSS).

The challenges in Season 1, particularly the ultimate challenges, were tougher in an uncontrollable way (win X CTF matches, stop X killing sprees, etc) and were coupled with repetitive unlock (an emblem for your gun, the same emblem for a vechicle, the same emblem for another vehicle).

It’s the variety Iook forward to.


I log in and play to unlock the capstone each week, so that’s a couple of evenings. I enjoy unlocking things in games

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I’m not sure, I don’t really get it either. Me and my buddies jump on at least once a week. Occasionally, if someone has a desire to get the the weekly then we’ll use their challenges to guide our playlist selection, but usually we just kinda rotate through the playlists.

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I think the last weekly challenge I tried for was purple visor before Yappening was announced. I haven’t seen anything worth playing unfun modes for, which is a blessing.

I don’t ever seem to have to play unfun modes. I like SWAT. I like FFA. It really only bothers me when a I have to play a bunch of Team Slayer but even that’s not too bad.

That’s fine, but you know what the majority of players get hooked on? Progression.

Have you wondered why it seems like all games now have some kind of incentive to play outside of gameplay? It’s because it works well for player retention, which means more $$$, and it means faster/better matchmaking.

For me, it’s simple. If I like the item and am sure I’ll use it often, I’ll try for it.

My main issue with challenges and thus pursuing them is that MCC has a great system and 343 didn’t use it in favor of… this.

I like collecting things. lol

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This kind of opened my eyes a bit. After completing season one battlepass and getting all the cosmetics I was interested in, I kind of stopped playing. I think it’s just the process of getting the cosmetics that I enjoyed? Even though I purchased season two premium, I have very little desire to work towards it. I don’t know, it’s confusing and it kind of makes me feel empty. Weird. I do play a few modes just for fun every once in a while, but not nearly as much as I did when I was working for cosmetics.

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