Why do players want things from other games

Put into Halo? Honestly I dont understand why, and at times I blame these piss poor judgement and thought processes people have for the way Halo has become. Halo isnt CoD nor Battlefield. Go back to the core of what made Halo, HALO. Halo Reach did an alright job with loadouts but with Halo 4, it was useless because some of the “perks” are stupid because, well they are highly based off CoD and being able to make your own loadouts well no no NO!!! Have preset loadouts rather than being able to make your own.

What 343i needs to do is return to the core. Bring back equipment and balance it out with SOME Armor Ablities. Remove perks and in-game ordances, that player aquire for getting points (if need be put it in customs!) but keep sprint but have it returned as a Armor Ability because originaly the Spartans werent allowed to run because of the stress it would put on them, thats why they moved slowly in H3.

Honestly the only AA they need are Sprint, Armor Lock, Jetpack, and Hologram.
Equipment, well everything from Halo 3 (which if you dont know what they are, I typed them in anyways: Power Drain, Flare, Radar Jammer, Bubble Shield, Regenerative Equipment, Deployable Shield. I might be missing one.

Return, custom powerup and active camo and overshield the way they were in Halo 3, along with the return of Brute vehicles and weapons form the Brute Shot, Spike Grenades, Flame Grenades, Prowler, Spiker, and Mauler.

To me having all these newer things added, while removing A LOT MORE just made Halo not fun anymore IMO. 343i really needs to cater to the fanbase and actually start communicating with us on the forums that they made. I wish I could talk with one of them to just talk about ideas.

Armor mods in halo 4 are not based off of cod really. I’ve seen them in alot of other games. you just want to assume that that they are.

and really it would be the wrong step if 343 regressed halo to a state that has been gone for almost 6 years. if they did the same thing would happen from everyone again.

for example: lets say 1 half of the community wants the old halo and the other half likes the current halo, and for 343’s next game they decide to go back to original halo, well now you have an entire half of your fan base upset as well as regressing the state of a very progressive first person shooter.

the old halos are great but when you have moved on from something for so long it is very difficult to go back.

I always wonder, what exactly would you have them do? Do you really think keeping Halo at a stagnant state would be better for the series than at least making an effort to introduce new stuff, borrowed or not?

They’re not going to take out any of the new stuff. If you think something is unbalanced or needs some tweaks, give suggestions how to make it better; “Take it out” will get you nowhere.

well, no. The biggest problem with these new additions are not that they do not fit in with halo. A lot of its core gameplay and sandbox would have to change around the additions of instant spawning and loadouts, for example. Because 343 refused to do this, we end up with a sort of identity crisis. Halo 4 is awkwardly hanging in the balance between core halo and every other generic modern shooter on the market. Core halo has its market, which may not be satisfied if halo continues in the direction it seems to be going in. These people who don’t like Halo 4 (including myself), don’t want to simply remove features, they want to take the core features of what made the original halos great and expand on them tenfold. That creates a much more meaningful experience than abruptly changing from this niche subgenre of shooters so that it can join this modern-shooting mean. It leaves a lot of us arena-style fans unsatisfied.