Why do people think MC looked inhuman?

I dont really get it, in the legendary ending when we see part of his face he looked perfectly human to me. He just looked a little dark around the eyes which to me seems it’s due to age and the fact he’s basically been at war for nearly all his life would certainly make him look rough. He does not look inhuman.

How does he look inhuman? We saw eyes and eyebrows did we not? What else could he be? An Unggoy controlling a giant robot?

Most people’s theories behind this is that his nose looks, alien, to most of us. When I looked more closely, it seems more squished towards his face.

The Forerunners have the same similar facial features and most people say that during the augmentation, Dr. Halsey gave John these features through surgery.

It’s all speculation, mainly because why would 343 show his face if they weren’t trying to show something?

MC looks old, saggy, yoda wise guy. At this end of the game MC looks really far old and ugly.

His eyes covered in shadow can make someone assume that after the Libarians intervention, they think he is something other than human.

I saw a picture that removed the shadows from his eyes and they look normal to me. There was no cat iris, no glowing yellow or cyan eyes. None of that.

If anything, Chief is closer to being a true human (I.E before the Forerunners de-evolved them) than the rest of humanity.

Make no mistake though; Master Chief is human through and through.

Yeah, the Librarian sped up his evolution process. So it is possible for him to be a tad bit alien looking. But, the spartans were altered to begin with, they had their genetics messed with to create a better soldier, which makes them look a bit odd.

Thanks for the clear up. I have to say I thought his eyes looked black to me which is why they showed them.

Master chiefs face should never be fully seen as his face is yours mine and everyones who plays halo. Thats why hes such a great character because we all imagine oursleves to be him. Having said that there therefore must be a reason for seeing his eyes ? (Or was there a tear growing ? coz he lost cortana meaning chief is human afterall and not just a machine).

I will watch that scene again later and try to look closer.