Why do people team kill for power weapons?

I really don’t understand these people. It’s a game, they are literally upset that someone got the pixels they wanted! Why do people who do this think they have some kind of monopoly on all the power weapons. There are many times when I see a teammate grab a weapon when I wanted it, but I just think good look to them. I don’t kill them and grab it because I believe myself to be some sort of pro with no equal.

This actually happened to me in my last game. The chap betrayed me twice so I booted him. I then received a lovely hateful message telling me I should have been killed when I was a -Yoink!-. This piqued my curiosity so I decided to check his stats to see if he was some type of sniping God. Bearing in mind he was the same rank as me, imagine my surprise when I discovered he had around 400 less kills with the sniper than me and a significantly lower accuracy percentage.

I feel sorry for these people. Can’t we just all get along?

From what I figure, mostly because they’re jealous that they didn’t get, and immature enough to not move on and wait until the next time it spawns. Beyond that, Nothing I can tell you.

This has not happened to me but I would have to agree with you that this sort of counter-productive behavior is plain dumb. Same goes for the fools who Spartan Charge teammates from their sniping posts or dive-bomb teammates’ vehicles.

Haha, I love your terminology OP. But anyway, most people want the power weapon because they want it and they are greedy that way. Not much else behind it. And it is technically a reportable offence as it is not very sporting…