Why do people quit?

I’ve seen many posts on here talking about players quitting out of matches. Here’s a brief list of the most common ones I’ve seen:

  1. Not getting the game type/map needed for a challenge
  2. Ping is too high
  3. Other players have already quit
  4. Game crash (not quitting, but 343 still counts it)

Basically, people quit games that are not enjoyable. I see very few rage quitters anymore. Every now and then someone will quit a game 10 seconds before a loss and I always wonder what the point is.

It seems to me that many of the reasons that people quit are within 343’s ability to stop (or at least greatly reduce) without resorting to quit bans that often punish people for things that are out of their control (see 4 above).

  1. They should make all challenges able to be completed on any game type/map within a given playlist.

  2. They should be able to add server selection to matchmaking parameters.

Even if that was all they did, I think the number of quitters would be greatly reduced. They also shouldn’t punish players for quitting when half their team has already quit. The weird thing is that some of these things are already in MCC and it seems completely backwards that they were left out of Infinite.

Are there other reasons that people quit?
Are there other things 343 could do to keep people from quitting?

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I loose a player every other match. Same for the other team.

Only bothered me this week (after it happening every week since launch) and then only after 20 games straight, I couldn’t see it being coincidence so I quit 10+ in a row after that :joy:

The number doesn’t bother me, I’ll judge it by the gameplay/rubber banding, the ones I highlighted yesterday/earlier (timezone?) was the unstable ping not because it was high.

Never quit for that, they’re the best challenge (sadist)

Sometimes, usually the behemoth power up grapple

My biggest reason is general BS. After 20years I know when I’ve been outplayed and when I’ve been robbed by BS. If I’ve wallopped someone round the head 3 times with a hammer and they’re still smiling I may give the game a chance but if it happens again, bye bye

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Yes. I’ve seen more netcode/desync or whatever you want to call it in this game. But again, that’s something that 343 needs to fix. It’s not fun and it’s not your fault. It seems to me that 343 could make changes to the game that fix the majority of the reasons that people quit games… Especially the challenge system.

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Yep, in H5 and MCC I probably left 10 games in their whole lifetime and saw far, far, fewer too.

It’s definitely all fixable their end.

And usually I take clips of things in game that happen against me but let’s just ask stellios what he thinks another reason people quit could be :joy:


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Much like what’s been said here, I typically quit out of matches for one of two reasons:

Server issues: Lag, Desync, getting 3 shot with a BR or shot through walls.

Other players not contributing: Challenges have no place in ranked. If you’re just camping a weapon spawn or going solely for back smacks in ranked, you’re dragging the entire team down and I’d rather not deal with that.

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Do you primarily play ranked?

Do you see a lot of players camping weapon spawns, just going for back smacks, etc. in ranked?

Are you saying that you would rather take the maximum rank decrease from quitting a ranked game than try to play well and take a minimal rank decrease?

I quit after someone else does… if I don’t have 4 vs 4 I could care less about the match

Minimal rank decrease LMAO that’s a great one. Went positive by 15 and when we lost, went from a quarter to diamond 6 to Diamond 5.

And when it’s already 3v4 the most you can do is TRY to only slay but then you’ll have the entire enemy team rain down on you in every encounter cause they all magically know where you are.

Wow. I though the max you could gain or lose was about a quarter of a rank. I don’t play much ranked and don’t pay much attention to gains and losses when I do.

So if you quit, do you lose less rank than if you stay in the game?

I get this. Quitting seems to be contagious. Once one person goes, it starts the revolving door. I had one 4v4 game where the final scoreboard had 15 names on my team because so many people quit, joined, quit, etc.

I quit when i see Behemoth. I dont care what game mode it is, im out.

I dont understand why launch site gets all the hate when behemoth is a thing that exists.

(Thats just me though)

I see it fairly often yes. I’ve gotten communications from said players confirming what they are doing when I inquire about it. Granted I have only just started my ranked grind, I’m only plat5. So losing rank at that tier is pretty non existent. Once I’m pushing Diamond/Onyx I’m sure I’ll see a decline in that type of behavior. Been spending most of my playtime working on my LASO 100% playthrough, so I’m a little behind the ball on rank grinding.

Does that make me a scummy player? Sure, why not. But I don’t feel challenges have a place in ranked to begin with.

They both seem to get a fair amount of hate.

I do think Behemoth could be improved by making some of the rocks larger to cut out some of the sight lines and adjusting some of the spawns.

I’m not sure there is a way to improve Launch Site for people that don’t like it.

I don’t quit, but 15 years ago I had to quit when my mom called me for dinner. I’d expect kids in grade school/living at home to do the same nowadays.

Launch Site is annoying to play. If the enemy team gets 2 vehicles quickly, the match outcome is usually determined at that point. Remove the vehicles, and there might not be so many quitters.

when my bullets stop hitting I’m out

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When you get into a lobby with Unstable Latency is beyond unplayable

I’ve seen people quit to prevent rank loss. A friend and I tested this once. One of our teammates quit leaving us 3v4 in an objective mode. My friend decided to quit out, but I stayed in game to finish out a 2v4 match that we lost. My friend did not lose rank from that game and I did. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Ummmmm you forgot rage quitting on account of cheaters.