Why do people post leaks?

In all honesty what the hell is the point in posting leaks about Halo 4? Your just gonna ruin peoples day and make them hate you. Whats the benefit of that? If anybody knows why these people post spoilers/leaks please post the answer.

I would agree, but the only way to stop these leaks and prevent people from finding them is to not talk about them. Altough I 100% agree with this topic, I’m gonna ask for a lock :stuck_out_tongue:

Some people just want to watch them whole world burn…

Because people really don’t care what others think of them and they post it for the people who don’t care about being spoiled.

Believe it or not some people want to see them. The people who make those websites that make you push all the notification to get out(whilst spoiling you) are people that find joy in making people upset.