Why do people not want sprint+shoot/nade+ all directions?

as far as I can see sprint really seems more of a hindrance than a blessing. Sure i move fast in a direction but why cant I shoot at the same time? Canonically Spartans can sprint and shoot/nade (see Halo Legends - the package) at the same time so really sprint isn’t realistic.

I dont get it why are people not clamoring for the ability to sprint and shoot at the same time and also be able to sprint in all directions without pushing a button to do so? We are Olympic level, trained since 6, steroid enhanced, mechanically enhanced super soldiers. Yet people want 1 trick pony Spartans with a generic FPS mechanic?

I am comfoosed =/

people may also say it make you have a choice move fast or shoot

but I ask these people “what takes more skill sprinting in one direction or backing up while moving fast in the direction of retreat/goal while returning fire and tossing nades?”