Why do people like Escharum?

People say he sounds so awesome and intimidating and cool. All he does is talk crap at Chief for 90% of the game while watching his troops getting their hinds whooped. Then you get to the boss fight, imo was the easiest boss fight. Play mouse and keyboard and you can grapple and thrust away from all his hits super fast.

Like overall, his super villain ability is monologing.


He reminds me of characters like Macho Man Randy Savage. Over the top and fun by design.


He reminds me of the Didact. Doesn’t do anything but somehow the Didact is disliked and he is liked.

he comes across as a comedy villain. A weak aspect of the game if you were to ask me. He should be a foe to fear like Atriox but he comes across a a joke character and someone not to fear. Atriox is respected by fans but I doubt Escharum is

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The reason I personally enjoyed Escharum was his inaccurate framing of his perceived enmity/rivalry with Chief. He felt like Master Chief’s nemesis/reckoning/whatever, and bragged about it relentlessly with- yeah, frankly, Saturday-morning-cartoon level over the top villain attitude.

I can agree with there being clear inconsistencies between how tough we are shown and told the Banished are in the story and cutscenes vs how difficult they are to actually defeat in the gameplay. And as I said, I also agree that Escharum almost comes across as campy at times. But to me, his over the top presentation doesn’t really feel like it’s trying to convince the player that he’s really such tough -Yoink!-. It’s him being a blowhard, trying to goad and intimidate John, who I don’t think ever takes the bait. Chief maintains his no nonsense, mission-first attitude throughout the whole game. While their “rivalry” is a -Yoink!- contest where Escharum is concerned, to Chief, it’s just another mission and Escharum is just another target.

The difference between this and the Didact for me, and why this works for me where that didn’t, is thatbthe Didact was unironically and very seriously introduced as a supervillain nemesis for Chief. Chief’s attitude towards the Didact wasn’t too different, granted, but H4, certainly felt to me as though it was massively emphasizing Didact’s power and his beef with humanity to the ends of making him into the objective “big bad” of the entire Halo universe. Escharum thinks of himself like that, but again, I don’t think the game is really presenting him that way. If I felt like it was, I really wouldn’t like Escharum. Halo is vastly less fun and interesting when there’s one character that represents all the evil and threat.


Yeah. Would have liked to see him replaced by atriox in this game. Then beat atriox at the end of the game but somehow he’s pulled into a portal by the harbinger and not all the way killed. Escharum was boring to me. And I killed him before I hardly did any of the open world stuff on my first play through so it felt like wow really? That’s it? Lol

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I hate him.
He sounds and reminds me of people trying too hard to be intimidating while having a blocked nose.

The dude just grunts way too much.

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I got a laugh at how he is talking to the Chief throughout the whole game about showing up and fighting him, but when the time comes, he puts two entire rooms of baddies in your way, and another boss. It’s like Goldberg from the Mighty Ducks being held back by his team saying “Don’t let me go, don’t let me go!”


He’s just a neat villain character. His writing doesn’t suck, his bossfight was okay, his dialogue in cutscenes (and in the fight) was cool, all around just an enjoyable character.

! Spoilers !

But in all seriousness though, it was the way he went out that made me like him. Instead of being some sort of hypebeast “I’m gonna wreck your crap” type of character when he died, there was an odd amount of respect to be had for him. His bossfight certainly held that kind of “wreck your crap” attitude, but that cutscene…


Yeah, I feel like he definitely could’ve been handled a little better. He doesn’t really do much throughout the campaign aside from just wait for Chief to show up. I think they were trying to walk a delicate balance of making him imposing without overshadowing Atriox and as a result he suffered from it.

Honestly he had me at the monologuing, I love a showy melodramatic villain who talks a good game. /shrug

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Yeah maybe he shoulda took advice from syndrome about monolouging during battle lol.

As soon as I heard his name I just laughed. The UNSC was beaten by an Amish monkey. Other than that he is just a generic brooding bad guy. His threats lost their value with every few hundred of his troops that I walked over.

Now that I think about he is a lot like the iron chef antagonist from John Wick 3, cocky over confident and in so over his head he can’t see daylight.

This is literally me. Hes a by product of games that have open world/hub worlds that don’t do much until the final fight. They need to take notes from games like Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy games, Metroid Dread, and Resident Evil as some examples. Those games know how to build up a villain/antagonist and make you feel their presence alot.

I didn’t feel Eschurum. It’s worse cause I expected to be dealing with Atroix…the guy whose been built up since Halo Wars 2 and the opening. Why do I care about some replacement who has no purpose other than to want to die in battle? Very very uninteresting and I had no drive to even want to fight him.

343 Guilty Spark, and the Prophets made me more battle ready and satisfied at their deaths. Guilty Spark had a history for betrayal so we didn’t know to trust him then he ups and lethally harms one of our most beloved characters, Johnson, and the Prophets well…no need to say what they did.

Eschurum? Couldn’t care less. Talk a whole bunch of nonsense while sitting in one location? Make your presence known and attack some marine outpost or something. He’s about as good as the Wild Hunt King in Witcher, who barely does anything, it’s his men that made a better impression.

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Yeah I’d be really surprised if he’s talked about fondly in years to come as he just doesn’t fulfil his role as a menacing type

that’s very true, I went into Halo and then following the the opening with Atriox and Chief thinking he’d be the driving force behind the game. Instead we got a very non intimidating bore the whole way through

The reason that I like his character is the way that they portrayed him and if you noticed in some of the cutscenes he’s constantly coughing because he’s slowly dying his whole point is to see what the master chief can do he wants an adversary that is actually able to defeat him because he wants to have a good death and not die from whatever he has that’s killing him and that’s one of the reasons why he gets shown a bit of respect because he’s just a warrior wanting a good death


he was well written even before ifninte (thanks shadows of reach) plus he just gives off this aura of the type that was to spar and when he died he went like a solider and even got respect form chief not alot of villains can do that


Atriox is going to end up being a main point in the game he’s even teased at the end, Halo infinite is meant to be continued for 10 years so Escharum is not the main antagonist



He is 86 years old and has breathing issues.

Give him a break

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