Why do people eat shots so much in this game?

200ms with desync makes this game unplayable tell me how is it with 56% accuracy I leave a game going 11 and 24? 6000 dmg mind you too.

How can a guy who is one shot just live taking head shots, I see the hit markers. I fire a rocket at him at his feet he goes one shot but then when I spawn in he has two rockets despite me firing one? I feel like the enemy team has lethal bullets and I’m throwing nerf darts at them.

Why are the servers so bad to begin with? This is worse than Halo 3 bloodshots.

I’d be more lenient if 343 was an indie studio but this is a billion dollar company. They have two games under their belt to fix crap like this and it’s still a problem…what the hells man.


look up on youtube how to play with only close servers to your area, it works.

Even that doesn’t solve the issue. It helps but you can still expect shots to not register and get shot around corners at 25 ping, too.


bad servers. bad client-server distance allocation. list continues.

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Its neither to be honest.

Its the netcode at fault.

Microsoft run the azure network that infinite runs on, if it was a case of throwing beefier servers at the problem, this would have ben fixed on day 2.

343 employee churn rate is likely the culprit. You know they hire mainly contactors with a maximum length of 18 months?
If you were employed there knowing you could either knuckle down and make the best damn product ever or skate on by and put out something subpar and the reward (getting moved along) would be the same… what would you pick?

The management needs to go. They need to headhunt some real talent and reward them appropriately with job security and a monetary compensation. Then, when its not run like a McDonalds, will you see great things.

I dont blame the developers who coast by one bit under the current management.


Welcome to contract work. If you look at the credits, you will see how much contract work went into this game, especially by companies who never done FPS titles.

contract work can be good in the real world for practical things, video game industry? not really.


I’m having a hard time believing this is a consistent problem. It’s like the people who complain in voice chat how every time they die is BS. According to them, the game is totally broken, but only against their favor. It doesn’t make sense.

Maybe it’s an issue with the console, I dunno. I have been playing on a Series X, a Series S, and on PC during the beta. I haven’t had any major problem with shots not registering or getting shot through walls like people complain about.

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So let me get this straight…

Thousands of people complain about desync.
Hundred of videos posted on reddit and youtube displaying obvious desync.
343 acknowledging desync is an issue.

This guy “works fine for me” issue must not exist.


As B4d S3ctor said just because you haven’t experienced issues doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

I play on PC with 1gb internet and have issues constantly I’m hardwired. I play on Xbox SX and have issues hardwired.

I think putting your head in the sand because you don’t experience issues is quite ignorant.

…Yet… there are countless videos about it? Desync and hit reg? 343 announces it is an issue.

I experience it. countless threads.

You must have experienced it before yourself, but brushed it off… or dont know how the system works. You can’t come in here and say it doesn’t exist lmao.


the way i see it, the current state of halo infinite is like SFM (source filmaker) for some, it works perfectly fine. and for others, it’s a buggy, annoying mess. despite either the same or better rig as others

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I feel this.
One game I can go 30-10 next game I’ve died 15 times in a row with 0 kills despite being “in the zone”, its rage inducing and tilting because it has nothing to do with your skill and purely the fault of the netcode, which is unacceptable for a game like this.

Being shot around corners despite clearly being out of enemy vision and meleeing someone before they melee you but they can melee and shoot again before you can. Absurd.

On the odd occasion I have a match where it appears that everyone is at 25ms & there is no desync the matches are amazing, but most times than not, it’s as if one or more of the enemy team has God mode on and unable to kill them lol, someone with cracked shields who you burst 5 times and they don’t die is nonsense.

The real tragedy is when I introduce a friend to the game and they say it’s too hard, everyone is already too good at the game when half the time it’s because you just can’t kill someone because of the desync.

I climbed to Onyx solo in open despite all these problems but the more I play the more obvious the issue is.

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I honestly hate how Desync has made it so this game throws the dice in my face when it comes to the RNG of how bad the servers are keeping up.

I had once a match where this guy was lining up a sniper shot in Fiesta and was distracted. So I thought to myself “sweet, an EZ kill with my Skewer.”
I aimed
I shot
The shot landed and… it stuck to the enemy Spartan like a dart off of a dartboard, the skewer rod glowing hot yellow with the visual effect it makes when freshly fired.
I stood there for a second staring in awe. The guy didn’t even notice my shot. He just stood there, trying to snipe at enemies far away.
So I aimed agian.
I fired agian.
I then did this a third time, wasting 3 of my Skewer shots.


And so I just walked up to the guy and back-slapped him.
The game… chose to shove this guy. NOT APPLY ANY DAMAGE MIND YOU. Just… nudge him off the ledge. And as he hit the ground, the skewer shots FINALLY REGISTERED, killing him instantly upon landing.

Just… … … what the heck is going on with the servers? It wasn’t THIS bad during the insider if I recall correctly?

Hello. Practically, within 15 seconds of starting the game you already know if you are going to win or lose it. Your spartan feels lazy, your shots don’t hit the target, you’re always late for all actions, the enemies destroy you just by looking at you and it seems like they’re over-vitamined…
On the other hand, in other games you become superman and shoot that you do, enemy you kill.
That already happened in previous halos, but I’m surprised that this time they haven’t fixed it either. Surely there is no fix…

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I was in the flights, although i cant remember it being this bad, i cant help but wonder if it was down to it being new and shiny and i was just excited to play. Same with it on release.

Once you have had time to get used to it, play more, get to games with a higher skill rating, its clear as day the problem exists.


I’ve gotten used to the desync but lately for me it has been terrible. People dying a second after I kill them, shots not registering or delayed. It seems different from the usual dsync. This is in 20ping as well.