Why do people boost on Halo Reach? Its unfair

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While so much for fun I guess, two days ago I was playing halo reach online an spent some time hanging out with my friends on matchmaking just to rank up a little.
After my friends and me had 3 to 4 games together , I told them I’ll catch up with them later, cause I wanted to play a few games of infection before our clan battle against delta.
For thirty minutes it was great I got some amazing kills and all was going well… so I thought after the fifth game 3 players join : [REDACTED],[REDACTED], [REDACTED]
the lobby and as soon as the game started I notice that their were three of them in a xbox live party already I had a strange feeling about this but whatever It’s no big
As the game began to start there was already some connection issues lagging up the game an it was only one minute in to session.
Already six people started quitting cause they kept say you guys are cheating, omfg you cheaters, an ect. So I was thinking to my self whatever : if they keep quitting games their just going to end up being band for ten minutes anyway lol.
Just before the players left the lag stopped an the game was up and running again then half a minute later three people more quit as well. I thought to my self : come on seriously sighs oh well its their loss any way.
But just then I realise what they meant by cheaters. The three guys I had a bad feeling about earlier were boosting and ganging up on me giving each other pointers of were I was, how I was going to kill their friend in the infection game, and saying stuff like dude look he’s behind you and helping each other out by killing one another. Just to make their scores higher then mine.
It came to the point where I was starting to get very annoyed : Okay, This is so unfair I’m like an Eclipse an I earned my own kills by my self and it takes the three of you who are cheating in order to beat me I thought … wow that’s pretty sad. Thankfully I never gave up and finally got one of them one when the time limit was down to the last 3mins. of the game.
When it was over, I was a little bit relieved after all that had happen but then I started thinking about how cruel their methods would go in order to win a simple game that was meant to be fun an by showing disregarding behavior towards others. I can’t believe this why didn’t I see this coming.
I’ve Also Uploaded the history of the game I had with in matchmaking as proof of them cheating/boost the Link is :http://halo.xbox.com/en-us/haloreach/Bloody%20Knives%20X/fileshare#!/?section=Film&MapId=&GameMode=0&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&tags=&startIndex=0&details=30625683 Microsoft,Bungie An 343I Please can you something about this Kinda problem ?
Thanks and yours Truly B.K

First of drop their tags from your post, rules and such.

Secondly, it’s infection

Third, reach is almost over, just hang in there dude

Calling out other members and displaying their gamer tags is a not allowed on Halo Waypoint. Just block communications and avoid them. Thats all you can really do. File a complaint as well. Play a different game type if this happens to you often.

> First of drop their tags from your post, rules and such.
> Secondly, it’s infection
> Third, reach is almost over, just hang in there dude

Hopefully no one is host booting in zombies