Why do PC players get punished for using controllers?

Don’t turn this post into a MnK vs Controller debacle. Focus on the topic.

So I decided to plug in a controller and play on my PC. I’m not slouch with a controller, I played Xbox before switching over. One thing I immediately noticed on infinite when I tried is.

1.) you jump, there is no aim assist, it disables itself.
2.) Shield pops on enemies, the aim assist disables itself.
3.) There is no RRR range on PC.
4.) If you start that game, you have a chance not to have aim assist at all.
5.) The controller feels jank sometimes, like it’s registering my input on my mouse and controller at the same time.

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I feel it’s more than okish
Of course there’s sometimes you have 2 targets, one with no shields, the other full and the aim helper just decides to slightly move to the fully shielded guy so the other just run away and heal back and you die stupidly, but speaking in general terms, i think that it’s almost perfect

I would post an img but forums doesn’t allow me to, so i write it down here (not gonna upload in sites like imgur wich blocks you if you have an adblock):

• Accuracy - 50.4%

  • Shots fired: 102,388
  • Shots hit: 51,602

• Headshot Accuracy - 72.5%

  • Kills: 3,291
  • Headshot Kills: 2,385

Those are my stats after 220 ranked games played, all of them with a controller


51.4% accuracy 79.8% headshot accuracy.

that’s mine.

I honestly have no idea what the issue is, but it’s pretty prevalent on my end.

I have all these exact same issues. Even when I unplug my mouse and keyboard. But I also get issues with aim assist on my Xbox Series X as well. I think there are issues in general but they are more noticeable on PC.

I went to my friends house, and he has Series X. I played with the controller, and it’s night and day difference between the two. PC getting shafted here. Along with the optimization issues, it makes me not even want to play lol. It has my stats all whacked out compared to other Halo titles.

I’m not sure what the problem for you guys is. Controller works just fine for me on PC, except for the rare times the game thinks the controller is a mouse for some reason, but that hasn’t happened to me in like 2 weeks.

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It’s happening quite frequently to me, and to the people that use the steam forums.

Aside from all the issues plaguing the game, I can’t force myself to be using a controller even if I wanted to. I am glad it’s working for you.

What do you do to mitigate this issue? Recommendations? I am using a Black Elite 2 controller.

It doesn’t seem like my ‘Xbox 360’ controller that I use on my ‘PC’ has any aim assist whatsoever, though it does give console controller users a slight advantage against me when we’re playing ‘controller input based ranked matches.’ It does not bother me much to be honest. That is most likely due to the fact that I’ve played many ‘PC’ games over the years with a controller without any form of aim assist and I’m already quite accustomed to it.

I’m using a standard Xbox One controller still. When it happens to me I just reset the game. There are some “fix” videos on YouTube but I haven’t watched them. See if any of those help you out.

I been a PC player for awhile. The stats I have for infinite are mostly on MnK. Though as I said, I use a controller on PC and it’s just a big can of worms.

I decided to launch up MCC, to test out the controller issues… aside from going to my friends and using his Xbox. It is a night and day difference between the two. I am hoping for a patch in January.

Yeah, I will. I just find this entirely hilarious that this is an actual issue with a Halo title. Especially when I want to play Solo/duo controller with my friend and can’t compete because the entire system is whacked out.

I don’t doubt that for a second. I think if they ever did level the playing field and give ‘PC’ players who use a controller the same aim assist that console players get, my stats would dramatically improve in ‘controller input based ranked matches.’