Why do I not play DLC???

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Sorry if it is a frequent question. But I recently got back into Halo 4 (stopped playing because in my opinion Halo has gone downhill since Halo 2) and I bought the 3 map packs for $24.99 last week, and I have YET to play a DLC map???

343 is ruining Halo, Bungie please come back!!!


There is a reason why Bungie made Halo Reach the way they did, there is a reason why Bungie left us after their contract expired, and there is a reason why Bungie is now developing such a radically different title- Destiny.

There is also a reason why 343 stayed- Halo.


You’re just not matching against other players who own DLC. Simple as that. Not much 343 can do about it I’m afraid, except make a DLC playlist, which is coming as well.

Find people to party up with that got DLC and your chances of getting to play on them is a lot higher, I’ve played several DLC maps the last month because I found people who happened to have all DLC.


From what I know, Bungie would have left after Halo 3 (Meaning no Reach, no Halo 4, no Spartan Assault, no Halo 5 in the future) but Microsoft demanded more Halo from them. So we got Reach. Bungie’s not coming back no matter what.

As for the DLC… Well that’s from the many people saying “I refuse to buy the DLC and you shouldn’t either”. People don’t buy the DLC, it won’t show up. If seven out of eight people in a lobby have the DLC and the eight person doesn’t, then it won’t show up for anyone.
Which is why a DLC-only playlist has been requested so much ^^


That awkward moment when you forgot about Reach. Bungie opened the door and unfortunately 343 ran through at full speed. There is hope for Halo 5…very slight hope.

There simply isn’t enough people playing Halo 4 that have the DLC for it to come up. The game needs a DLC filter option but it doesn’t have one and isn’t going to get one.