Why do i not have Timmy Helmet?

So we all have probably heard this same topic before about the Timmy Helmet, but I have a question about the helmet. So once you have gotten over 50 hours of custom games (which I did) when do you get the helmet? I’ve had over 50 hours for a week now but haven’t received the pack yet. Please respond i’m really confused about this! UPDATE: 2 Weeks have went by now and I have nearly 3 days in custom games and I am still yet to get the helmet. UPDATE 3-17-2017: I have finally received my helmet! Thank you 343!

343 industries made all of us a promise Jordan Forbes decided not to keep.

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Time is checked weekly.

It doesn’t unlock right away.

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> Time is checked weekly.
> It doesn’t unlock right away.

No. It’s not checked weekly. That was the first update to those waiting weeks ago. Then, in the next broad Halo 5 update after plenty of ppl griped about that not happening… by sheer coincidence i’m sure… Jordan Forbes (the guy responsible for granting timmy to an increasingly impatient population that by then had earned it) was the spotlighted 343 employee that week and… you guessed it… there was a tiny couple of sentences on why the weekly update wasn’t happening (literally… bc it was too time-consuming to pour over the csv files containing our customs stats) and that it would be granted again once he had automated the process. that was a few weeks ago. I’ve heard here on waypoint of one guy getting the helmet since all of that went down.

it’s lame, yes. when you hype everyone up with vague requirements and then solidify those into the 50-hour thing and then cry because it’s too difficult… yeah… lame. We should have heard and been promised zero until Mr. Kludge… err Forbes… could fulfill it.