Why do I need HUGE updates every other week?

I am a casual gamer who enjoys using Halo to connect with my brother on the other side of the world. We try to get together to play every week. It seams with Halo 5, every time I turn on the XBone I need a HUGE update (the latest is 8.3 GB!!!) just to play the game. I just want to mess around and play some coop. I don’t care about new maps or types of deathmatch. Unlimited internet is quite expensive in my neck of the woods and frequent massive downloads severely impact my bandwidth and monthly usage.

I love Halo. I’ve been playing it since the beginning. It is possibly the only reason I own an XBox. I feel like I’m being penalized for enjoying this game and I feel like an idiot for talking my brother into buying this expensive new console. Is it so much to ask to dial it back with the update size or make them optional so people can still enjoy the game until they can find the time and bandwidth to deal with these massive updates?

I dare to dream there will be a human response to this query.

Yeah the downloads are ridiculous when an update come out. I am lucky as have unlimited BB and 200mb/s download, but a mate who has less than 1mbs has to set a download off on a Friday night, lucky to be playing the game by Saturday evening!

Meanwhile, in other threads:

“This update is delayed a week?!? Wtf 343,”

“There’s only 2 maps in this update? Wtf Bravo!”

“FORGE MAPS? I will only accept unique assets!”

“Overhaul the UI already, it can’t be that hard Josh Holmes!”

“Add playable Elites, AI + playable ODSTs, AI + playable brutes, and every weapon since H1!”

This is MS for you. They want you to be connected to them all the time. And their game strategy is pretty much the same. Have you connected all the time so that you are just a few button clicks away from making a new purchase. Unfortunately that means adopting the smartphone app practice of constant “free” updates that come with new and fantastical cosmetic items for you to adorned your in game avatar with. The reasoning behind it is that you aren’t enjoying the game unless you are buying something new.

If it’s any consolation Halo 5 is the worst offender here. Mostly, again, because they are pushing those microtransactions purchases. It is by far the largest game you’d find on the system, and is still getting larger. I’d advise finding a new game. Borderlands is a fantastic co-op game. Far Cry 4 is pretty good too, you just can’t co-op the story missions.

If the NX turns out to be anything worth while with decent 3rd party support (if rumours of it being more powerful than the PS4 turn out to be true it has a chance at least) then I’m moving console.

The problem with the monthly updates are getting clearer with each one, by adding bits to the game they slowly break it, warzone has become increasingly laggy for me and the more items they add to the pool the worse it’s getting. The bugs may be ironed out in future updates but the new items break other things, if it was all released at once (at launch) they could get rid of most of the bugs and reduce the size of the files, as most of it seems to be unnessesary bulk