Why do I keep getting this message?

Can someone please explain why I keep receiving “The stats servers are undergoing maintenance. Please try again later.” every time I click the “challenge” link in my reach status on halo waypoint website to see what the daily challenges are.

Not to sound rude, but you pretty much answered your own question.

The stats servers are under maintenance, but I’d go with a wild guess that something broke on the backend, and that’s the fail safe message.

Don’t worry, mine does that too, so there’s nothing wrong with your xbox (at leats i don’t think)

Its probably because the stats servers are undergoing maintenance, and they want you to check back later. Just my guess.

I am surprised 343 isn’t acknowleding the broken player counter.
It keeps going from normal to all numbers listed as “0”.

Well everyone it’s been over a week since I have been getting the message even though I posted this topic just few days ago. I waited few days after posting this topic. I just tried again and still keep getting the same message. Can anyone else confirm if you are receiving the same message or not.

by the way what are today’s challegenes? And is there a thread on halowaypoint.com that shows what the challenges are each day?