Why do i get platina players in my lobby

So tell me why do i get platina 1 -2 players that are ultra bad in my lobby when fighting against diamond 4-5 when im diamnd tho this matchmsaking is do trash like really bad unbalanced bulls. Thats what it is this game is so donkey balls they cant even fix major bugs before release no wonder ppl are leaving

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I’ve had games where I’m playing w/ gold and silver even , while we face Onyx and diamonds. Ranked is a joke not only because of the matchmaking but CSR gains and losses. Punishing obj players ruins matches because everyone just cares about KD, I’m guilty because we are forced to play this way. Midway through games where I know we are going to lose I stop playing obj and just camp to get kills. Is what it is

Its just anoying getting low skilled players in ur team when other team even has an onyx in it sometimes they go 4-20 and blame team like cmon this matchmaking is not even skill basexat this point