Why do I get brain dead teammates the higher I rank up?

I am not even a high rank. I went from platinum 1 to platinum 6. Ever since I got into platinum 6, I am getting teammates hiding with sniper and missing every shot on behemoth. Teammates running away from the flags. Teammates also running away from the strongholds and good positions. I just watched an enemy throw a plasma nade on the floor and I watched my teammate start to run towards it, run over it and die. It really wasn’t this bad when I was platinum 1. I don’t understand why I get people like this on my team. I can’t control what other people do. I can’t possibly be expected to make up for these bad teammates. I used to think h5 matchmaking was bad, but this is so much worse.


That’s the beauty of skill based matchmaking unfortunately. The game wants you to lose so it puts you in an impossible match

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I’m sorry, I’ll try harder next time


misfortunate positioning.
op opponents scalping.
ur not supportive: you assume your luck is an acheivement while ur team is left by YOUR third wheeling.
i dont know. maybe they are positioned to benefit you, and you aren’t giving any love back.
while they lag

The goal of skill based matchmaking is to have everyone eventually even out to about a 50% win-loss ratio. If you do well a few games, it puts really dog awful teammates on your team for you to either carry or bog you down, depending on the results. If you carry them, it does it again but harder. It WANTS you to peak and plateau.


I don’t know what you’re trying to say. If you wrote a complete sentence it would be easier to understand. I bait my teammates at times, but I cannot get all of the kills and hold all positions and play the objective 100% of the time. I just play my best, but it’s still frustrating when I am just given teammates that should not be in the lobby.

I hate to laugh at this, because I feel your pain, but

made me LOL

The only real solution is to find a squad to roll with. My matchmaking experience has been exponentially better since I found the “Looking for Group” feature on Xbox. It is truly a godsend for this game. No more worrying about getting trash teammates with no mics.