Why do grenades instantly explode?

There is no getting out of the way if a grenade lands at your feet. I think there should be at least 2 seconds to get away. I like how grenades prevent people from camping, but they are more of a power weapon right now…
You throw one grenade to make them jump then throw another where they land right on top of it. Doesn’t seem right

Frag grenades bounce 1-2 seconds after the first blind (I think 1 second). Just so you are aware, this is how it has always been in every single halo. It adds a lot of utility to the grenades which are a core part of the combat loop in halo.

I haven’t measured it but I believe the time needed to throw and donate 2 frag grenades is much longer than the time to kill for probably all the weapons so you’d likely be killed with that double grenade Strat in all but the lowest level lobbies.