Why do devs even think joining a running match would be "cool"

to created a problem like that you need a lot off community members that quit there match when its not has end yet.

i know for sure back then in halo 3 and halo reach matchmaking you also got a lot off match’s where you team mate’s leave and that it was becoming unfair match for the others of your team.
or the enemy team that has less players since some off then have quit the match.

back then it was more commen that players left there match since there are losing or care more about there kill/death ratio.

so that was at some point not fun any more and has become more a problem.
so thats why in halo 4 there have added the JIP system and keep using it since halo 4 to fix the problem for good that players can rejoin a match that has start all long and who knows there was a point there can still win it and sometime’s not since the diffrend was to big.

I joined a match last week that was at the end-game posing screen hahaha, I never knew you could join at that point.

It’s actually quite a simple concept so I’m struggling to understand why you can’t comprehend that one people leaving and being replaced by another player is an immediate short term solution to the issue of the player leaving. It’s very very very basic.

Your comparative example of a residence burning down is absolutely ridiculous btw…we’re talking about players leaving a game not life or death ffs, and the principle isn’t the same by any stretch of the imagination.

Unless they remove the option to “leave game” then there aren’t any preventative measures to stop quitters…just as there isn’t anything they can do to stop someone’s internet dropping or turning off their console or PC. What preventative measures would you suggest they implement so we don’t need JIP?

Also just to reiterate, I hate JIP and always have done. Personally I’d prefer to battle on a man down and accept the loss…or flip the game for the win without the useless quitter. There should also be a cumulative ban for persistent quitters and large CSR punishments if quitting ranked games (but even that has to be implemented carefully as players would abuse it to intentionally derank).

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firstly, becuase it’s social, so quit your belly aching
secondly… to make it fair. i mean, in MCC, there have been so many times where half or most my team would just quit. and because i don’t want to quit, now i’m unfairly stuck against an entire team, ruining my fun. if someone were to join in mid-match, it feels like ‘okay, there’s help! if we loose, we loose together’ rather than ‘time to waste 10 minutes on nothing’

i’m personaly al for mid-match joining, in social, but past a certain point. like if the game is halfway done, then don’t que for that. anything less, then the game ought to que you for that. like TF2 or COD

i mean, if people really want to not have any of this, for whatever reason. then perhaps 343 ought to actually make the BOTS join at a higher difficulty to help, yeah yeah, even if minorly. help is help.

though i will say, the almost lack of a punishment for leaving ain’t helping

I think it could be improved though.
Players shouldn’t join a losing match.

what about if in a slayer match Team A has 3 players left since 1 has quit and Team B has 4 players.
and Team A has 10 points and Team B has 15 points and there is 6 min time left is still something there can turn a round with a new player that joins.

now with the same teams/player total and game type.
its compleet diffrend if Team A has 20 points and Team B 47 points in a slayer game type when Team A has 3 players and Team B has 4 then its something there cant chance any more or there is less time left.
but thats something there cant do and chance think.

Basically, if the other team is close to getting a Steaktacular, or there isn’t much time or score left to go, there should only be bot replacements, not player replacements.


bots sure need to be in the place if there is a spot free and when there is a player can join that the bot go’s away.

and same go’s what the OP has from this thread when there are no lives left and he joins that are reason’s that other players cant join the match any more.
but thats maybe something there can look in later on in the game and see if there can chance it here and there what.

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Very simple: No “JIP”
It doesn’t serve any true purpose.

I am not talking about “RE-joining” a match that I got disconnected from like what was indeed an issue with Halo 4 for a while.

I would actually appreciate when such a “RE-join” was available in case any of the truly disconnected or the early quitting population got 2nd thoughts about abandoning their team.

Other than that why not simply end that doomed match right the moment someone quits and call the whole match void?
That certainly beats placing new players in those doomed matches since it isn’t their fault some other little kitty quit the match earlier.


And this is why I think there need to be an option to say “I don’t want anyone in my team who has a DNF in their past 10 matches”

Let those folks play with their own kind LOL

have you think also about the bad effect’s from something like that?
one off the bad effect’s is that people going complain on the forum that a lot off there match have end up in a void or draw what you can call it.
only that some players are quiting the match since there are losing and its not good for there W/L ratio or there go death a lot and its bad for there K/D ratio.
or there hate the game type.
most all the other players pay for it.

the JIP is the best solution for the quiting problem in the match and the banning system if you quit a lot off match fast is there problem for quiting a lot off match so its there problem there are at some point banned from matchmaking for 1 month since there have quit to much and reach now the 1 month bann rank.

for the JIP system you need to deal with it all is it something you not like or hate you most deal with it also.

like i told on my first post all.
it was back in the old day’s from halo 3 and halo reach becoming a big problem that something has to be done with it since it was no fun any more.
and in halo 4 there have fix the problem from halo 3 and halo reach with the JIP system and that people hate it its something you most deal with it.

since its wierd in the halo community its something that people hate and complain.
but if i look to game’s like COD where there have it all longer then i see no complain about it.

So you think frustrating even more players by placing them into a match that other frustrated players already left is the best solution?

I seriously hope that with such logic you will never ever being put in charge of solving any real problems in this world.

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Yes, something has to be done indeed.
However, the solution is NOT putting innocent players in a position where they pay the price for the player who quit early.

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Yeah, good bots are the best solution for losing matches, not sending other players into those matches.
It’s not fun joining losing matches without much chance of catching up.

Interesting you mention COD since most of the time when I encounter that little kitty early quitting halo player and check their profile after the match is done they are actually playing COD :rofl:

I think the difference between joining matches in CoD and Halo is that CoD matches go by much faster.
In Halo, you’ll often be joining a much lengthier match, even if you’re losing.
Because of that, it’s much more noticeable that you’re struggling to not lose, which makes it feel worse.

And I guess you do enjoy greatly when you start the match with a bot on your team and one of the players afks and later disconnects because the game of 2 vs 4 is much more even? That’s why devs consider JIP more fun than no JIP, because of players who already are in the match. And I’m sure you were in this situation too.

This IS a problem - I guess they need to fix settings so that you don’t JIP that late in the game. Most times I did was at the beginning of a match or after the first round of the match (usually lost by the team before I joined), so there actually was a chance to do something.

Because the winning team needs more help than the one losing because it’s one player down?

Again, I like the challenge of trying to turn the losing match. But I also like playing healing and support characters in other games to help the team instead of being the DPS dishing out the highest damage…

How about you go play ranked? There’s no JIP in ranked, you’ll quickly see why it sucks if you get paired with and afker, if someone quits or d/cs.

Why would the match even start with a bot? It again shows the poor code for “matchmaking”
But 1k thanks for pointing out yet another failure of the 343 devs for not being able to manage that properly.

10 secs AFK then send them to DNF land :rofl:
once you hit start you should be able to commit to 10-15 minutes of attention and if not, don’t hit start and go and play CoD instead

I’m not sure what you mean.