Why do devs even think joining a running match would be "cool"

I just finished an “Attrition” match which my “team” lost.

For me this match started with me joining a match AFTER the team I was placed in already had lost all their lives.
So I was nothing but that semi-transparent orb on the ground until the rest of this “team” was finished off by the other team.

Question for any 343 person who dares to answer:

How do you think this kind of “game” experience is any “fun”?

I know, it isn’t and there is no need to place anyone in any ongoing match.


since thats sadly the only solution for a other big problem in the halo game’s.

if you remember it good back in the halo 3 and halo reach time’s where a lot off players have complain about the quitting problem there is in the halo serie’s.

so the only solution is that players join match’s that have start all.


I cannot stand joining games in progress. It’s nonsense. I joined an attrition game the other day and AS my Spartan loaded in the first round needed as a loss. Wow big load of fun for me to start down 0-1


I personally treat joining in progress as a type of a challenge - you join at a disadvantage, try to get your team to win anyway. I saw many games turn the tide after some people dropping away and someone better (or just working better with the team) joining in the middle of battle, even after a lost round.
Sure, sometimes you probably are doomed to lose, but you’ll lose some matches anyway, that’s called life :man_shrugging:


i have also no problems with the JIP system.
but i see it more as or own fault more from the past halo game’s that something like this needs to be add since in the past we have created it in the first place as community more and we also have ask a lot back then that the developers most fix this problem and now there do it and its also not good.

I hate JIP and even more so when it happens to me (which hasn’t been very often tbf)…but it is a necessary evil due to the quitters and disconnects. We can’t complain about bots, 3v4 and quitters but also complain about JIP which is the only solution to solve those issues…we can’t have it both ways so we just have to suck it up when it happens to us (basically we all have our part to play as part of the only viable solution).

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I’ve played every Halo MP from it’s launch, to the next titles launch. After tons of experience with no Join-in-Progress (JiP) in H2-HR as well as with JiP in H4/H5 I’ve gone through the best of both worlds.

Imo, JiP is best, even if it’s not always enjoyable. I’ve far had more matches ruined by quitters and betrayers leaving games and dooming my team to 3v4/7v8’s than I’ve had matches ruined because I was the JiP player.

If you start payng attention to when your matches are sort of saved by JiP players back filling vs games you JiP, you’ll see that way way waaaaay more games saved than games you JiP.


I dont care if its social. If i can replace a bot, i know that my team has a better chance to win the match

I also can not stand joining a game in progress. It completely defeats the entire purpose of having a SBMM and ruins the level playing field that SBMM was supposed to create in the first place.

As stated by @Shaedlaer, since JiP is inevitable now, I treat it like a challenge. Most of the time, I don’t expect to complete that challenge, but every so often, you will JiP and help that team come back from defeat and my goodness it is incredibly satisfying when it happens.

The reality though is I usually get thrown into hopelessly lopsided games that will in the end count as a loss for me.

I e been able to easily knock out a few of those play X gametype challenges just theoygh hip. So it’s not all bad

Exactly my point!
I would love to hear from any of the 343 people how this creates a “positive game experience”

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Totally missing the point!
What kind of “team” are you talking about when the only reason you are in such a fun environment is because of those who give a rats rear end about a “team”?

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Are you serious?
How have I created this?
Unless you mean “community minus me” but I think there are many like me who still would object to your statement.

Yup. I can’t think of a time where I joined a game in progress where the teams were balanced and or where the deficit was even remotely recoverable

Why is this “necessary”?

Why should I be punished because some [please insert a long list of very descriptive colorful expressions] early quitters don’t like the match they are in?
Why would any 343 dev even consider the thought that I would enjoy that?

There is absolutely NOTHING “necessary” about this JIP.
All it does is making me wish Karma would visit those early quitters and remove what they apparently don’t have in the first place

i not care if you not have done it in the past.

i mean more in the general way that its the community that has created the quiting problem back in halo 3 and halo reach.
there are people in the community that have done it a lot in the past and created the quiting problem in the first place.
and its thanks to then we also as community in general have ask the developers to fix this quiting problem so thats what there have done in the next halo game.

I had a game with zero kills zero deaths cus I joined on the last round with no lives. I hate joining games late as it is. It’s just a bad mechanic, if you lost a team mate, you lost a team mate. Tough luck, invite a friend

How does “JIP” solve the issue of “early quitters”?
That is like saying giving the residents of a place that just suffered a huge fire some after burn lotion as the solution rather than improving the fire safety of the place

you mean two or more “community members” got together and created offspring that is genetically so degenerated that it always quits early?

That wasn’t me though LOL

I didn’t say I liked it…I’m fact, I clearly stated that I also hate it, so what solution do you propose that would be better than JIP?