Why do cosmetic items have rarity again?

If we all have the same progression system, then every item is obtainable at the same pace, whats the point of making them Ultra rare and legendary? They are all obtainable but by just playing. The only reason I see them with a rarity is that they look a bit cooler, but then its just subjective.

I do hope there will be a real progression system so these “rare” items actually show value than just a gold highlight.


Its quite artificial indeed. You’d think items that are always available for purchase would typically always be rare or just epic as they ascend the Battle passes.
The tag of Legendary seems pretty worthless, because limited time events that we have no confirmation of returning should really all be ‘legendary’ status if they’re truly going to remain unobtainable

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It’s artificial and probably just another way to monetize normally free items from other titles

Reeks of FOMO