Why do chest plates cover emblems?

So I’ve noticed a small thing that irks me more than it probably should recently- until now, in previous Halo games, your personal emblem has been represented on your shoulders because it’s an easy, large place to stamp it. But in Infinite, they changed it to be on your chest piece. The change is a bit weird, but fine on paper- it’s front-and-center, which might be ideal compared to shoulders, but my problem comes in with the fact that all of the “chest pieces” are just slabs that go on over your default chest, and the vast majority of them cover the emblem when equipped.
Why do I have to decide between actually wearing the chest pieces I earned and showing my emblem? Why not just have it to where the emblem goes onto whatever chest piece you attached? It just seems like a such a silly oversight to have it be covered up so easily. Does this bother anyone else?


They did that in Halo Reach.

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They done it in Reach, you’re emblem was pretty small on the top right of your chest and certain Chest-pieces would cover the emblem

As others have said, this happened in Reach. I don’t really see it as an issue, tbh.

Because all the emblems suck


A requirement given to designers of chest peice attachments should have been to include a spot for player emblems. Hopefully this gets fixed in an upcoming season

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It does annoy me, because even the attachments that are tiny, like the flower, the bear, the knife, etc, they also go exactly on top of the emblem. Why can’t I have one on the left and one on the right? Why do they both have to take up the exact same spot? Why can’t I have my emblem on my arm?

343, you want us to buy armor emblems, and chest attachments, but you want them to cover each other up? Dumb

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It was a thing in Reach.

Because armor plating or munitions attachments are better than having a sticker on your armor.


Why do I have to pick between them? Also this is a mp game, to some people, being able to personalize on the battlefield is fun because it’s a video game


My witty response wasn’t viewed as a satire joke.

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Eh okay then.

Design oversight. That’s really about it.

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