Why do certain things require you to be online?

I was forging for about an hour and a half until I got kicked because the servers had an error, I wouldn’t mind if I had saved during that time, but I hadn’t. This brings up the question, why do certain things require you to be online in Halo 5? In every other Halo you could be offline and Forge, play custom games, Firefight and the campaign. I have a feeling that the same person that decided that you can only play solo campaign while you’re offline is the same person making all of the other stupid decisions that 343 has made. I just wish that 343 was more reasonable sometimes, I don’t understand how they could still have problems like this after 3 years of development.

Because they want you to get use to being online always, which is where the market is headed.

Their servers aren´t simply dedicated servers, they´re dedicated servers. They wanna be there for you eternally…until they aren´t :frowning:

Casual mike cant figure out that a toaster that cant toast bread without you owning a pool is a bad thing.

Forge is online only and requires gold because of server cost and the forge budget.
Kinda like why there is no split screen. People prefer paint over bricks in their houses when it comes to games apparently.

Basically this is the cost for 1080p at 60fps with dedicated servers on a console.