Why do all bots do this?

As soon as they’re one shot, they jump in the air and turn to the right and give up fighting.

Every time they’re in a gunfight, they do this, who taught them this? :joy: No wonder they’re always 1-10.


Bots are learning machines.

Back in Insider, they were a bit more brave; but they learned from what other players do in the majority of scenarios.

They even learned how to tea-bag and the system learned it not to insult other players, but to avoid head-shots after getting kills.

They also have begun to spam grenades more.

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They’ve been doing this jump and turn to the right thing since day one.

This is what I mean, one of the devs must have this habit and the bots have copied them, every gunfight the same.

They even jump off the map doing it on Live Fire. It’s like they’re trying for a last ditch effort ninja even if they’re 50 feet away :joy:

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Wouldn’t it be great if there was some sort of hardcore-bot-playlist, based on AI-learning :grimacing:


Well we know that in older Halo games the AI had an action tree which would dictate their response.

(This next bit is for those who don’t know, cause even I found this out in like 2013 when I decided to watch people do harder runs)

For example in Halo 2, enemies that take damage will utilize cover. However, if a vehicle they could operate (say a Ghost since it’s accessible to literally every faction) was within their zone, attempts at rushing and engaging in combat would effectively lock out because vehicle acquisition would take precedence (people used this in LASO and speedruns I think).

If they do the same thing here, then maybe it’s an attempt to move to cover but isn’t executing correctly?

My best guess honestly.


Mann the way you’re roasting the bots has my dying of laughter right now :joy:

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The real question is why do they put ODST bots in Fiesta but only Marine bots in all the other modes?


Yeah. It’s true. Bots are pretty much free Kills for the enemy. But you want to know a theory I have with Bots? After shadowing a friendly bot in multiple games, I have a theory that the bots know where the enemy players are at all times. Friendly bots are less active when an enemy is far away from their position. The closer an enemy gets to a bot, the more active the becomes.

But the strongest argument for my theory is this: Have any of you witnessed a bot just pull a 180 in movement, and it surprises you, so you look in the bots general direction but don’t see anything. You leave the bot, because you think the bot is useless anyway, than you see the bot die not even 5 seconds after leaving it? The bot KNEW there was an enemy approaching from the direction; off radar.

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  1. To fit in with all the other inconsistencies 343 do :roll_eyes:
  2. Because they have to do deal with stronger weapons so to stop them being even more destroyed
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They need calling out :joy:, they need to get themselves into octagon and earn their wage, oh wait, no forge :roll_eyes:

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They’ve definitely got wall hacks :joy:.

I mean, they’re still :poop: but they really do

Rockets and swords are going to destroy ODST bots just as quickly as Marine bots. Just seems backwards to me.

Then see point 1. :wink:


Lmao bots. Whenever a person on the opposing team quits- I’ll actively disengage fights when I notice it’s not the bot. And the game becomes a bit hunt for me. Almost guarantees the win every time hahaha

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i went against someone in raked that basically did this every time i started shooting at him

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Who do you think is following who? Have you found the bot trainer or has the noob started copying the bots thinking they have secrets :joy:

I remember when during the Insider all the Bots were set to higher levels and people were excited by the fact that someone lagging out of the game won’t result in a loss.

Shame that they nerfed all the bots to be below Spartan Level outside of custom modes.

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i think he was a silver

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Well the bots are really really “STUPID” in capture the flag. :rofl:

Example: In BTF:CTF using map Highpower map the Eagle Bots will go after the flag and cap the flag. That is a good thing. The Cobra bots will grab the flag and just run around their base and won’t cap the flag. :rofl:

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You sure they’re bots? Sounds like my teammates :wink: