Why do 343 tend to answer quickly to anything except when it comes to the MTX issue?

I tried to put a screenshot but it didn’t work, but essentially, unysheck just answered to a guy on twitter saying that they were looking into issues with matchmaking in ranked games.

I understand why bad matchmaking can be an issue, but if this gets addressed so quickly, why haven’t we heard anything specifically about MTX. I know that ske7tch has said that they have holidays now, but even in his post he talked about issues in general. A concrete confirmation that they have heard us would be pretty nice imo.


lol isn’t it abvious, they’re willing to change stuff based on the feedback, just not the monitization.
It’s a shame that they’re hellbent on milking their core audience, i know that F2P has to make make money somehow but they have something really special here, both multiplayer AND campaign (from the previews i’ve seen).

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I guess at the end of the day it’s their game, if they don’t care about fixing it they’ll have a dead multiplayer not long after launch.

Exactly. I won’t shed a tear for people whining about low population numbers either, they are the ones who advocated for this system in the first place.

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Because to them, it isn’t a problem, it’s a real shame that, even after the feedback from the flights regarding customization, nothing was even remotely done to compromise with it

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With mainstream media now covering this issue I’m pretty sure 343 will do something, let’s just see what that something is…

Patience, they are on vacation.

I know, but uny was already on vacation when je answered the other guy, so why not say even that they’ll look into the issue after their vacation?