Why didn't they just release Halo 5 in full on the PC and expand from there?

Because a lot of halo fans wanted a return of the classic (ce-3) halo feel in pvp. Halo 5, even tho it had its fan base, lost a lot of halo fans/players and did not feel like a true halo game at all. Halo Infinites multiplayer is a massive improvement over halo 5s for most fans of the halo franchise.


The fact that you didnt know that is why I think it’s important people know about the features Halo 5 had. You were able and still able to do a lot and if the PC community had access to multiplayer to accompany the forge I think that would’ve thrived a lot more than the launch we have now

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Please explain the improvement. I can turn off the abilites so I can play Halo infinites gameplay

(Sprint,slide, clamber)

AND i can make classic

(no abilites).

So in nature we already went back to classic because we had a choice to do it within the game. Are you’d saying that we needed a new BR? sure. Maybe. But I don’t see where the improvement is. I load up Halo 5 and then I load up Halo infinite and I see no huge difference. If anything it looks like a downgrade because of the no collision and outlines

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its not just the features like the movement, but even the guns and weapon balance felt off in halo 5.

I do agree player collision needs brought back and outlines are not needed when u can just have an emblem over teamates and just a red enemy name over enemies (like most shooters)

But over all the entire feel of the multi player feels much closer to classic halo. If u played alot of older halo titles you would know. Also there really is no explanation needed. There is already tons of praise for infinites MP from both old and new players, whereas H5 had alot of hate right from the start.


What’s dated. Let’s see, visuals, framerate, armor customization, lighting, gameplay. “Stitching on the gloves” I see people bring this up from time to time. Not sure why they think its a good idea to, given that Halo armor should never feature prominent stitching. What, did old gran-gran use her old sewing machine to make some gloves for her favorite little spartan? Such a stupid design decision. Yeah, I’m sure the titanium infused nanofiber material would have the same stitching as a baseball glove. As for the forge, yeah, it was great, for its time. Still incredibly limited, and, the limit on both space and item quantity is incredibly detrimental to the experience. Not to mention the lighting which makes almost every map larger than a single room look like its from 2003. A new foundation needed to be made, for visuals, gameplay, forge, and campaign.

I don’t think that Halo 5 was a bad game, but making it the basis for the next ten years would have been the worst decision they could have made.


The weapons WERE cleaner in halo 5. Esspically the Halo 5 Magnum. It was a perfect utility weapon. Idk how it felt off to you. Maybe at first when the game first take out but after the aiming updates it was fine.

Also I came from Halo 2. I played Halo for over 15 years. If anyone knows the “Halo feel” it’s me and I can tell you for a fact that every other Halo feels more Halo than Halo infinite. Idk what your feeling but I feel like I’m on ice skates in halo ifinite. Everything in halo 5 felt nice and tight and percise. The momentum is also not the same. It feels blocky and sluggish. You can’t even ninja people the same anymore.

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Halo 5 4k is a master piece.

Other than that Halo 5 visually looks better to me. I took a picture of the AR and compared it side by side and Halo 5 has more detail. Looks like it has more depth. The Halo infinite AR looked flat, blurry, and washed out.

I’m sure an update to the frame rate could’ve been made all though I never had an issue with 60 because it was always rock solid in halo 5

I said that above. The armor could just be reworked. Why do we need a new game for that?

Bring back Halo 5 beta lighting.

What about the gameplay is different if I can turn off all the abilites? All they had to do was turn them off. Make a playlist around them make a tournament for it. Promote it. Bam. It would’ve been what we have now but instead we would’ve had a larger weapon selection. Classic weapons and other custom game features as well as gamemodes.

It was a glove. You can say it was some special whatver but logically when people put gloves on it’s leather and leather would usually have stiching on it. Plus I think it looks nice in halo 5 in general.

I think their worst option was releasing a game with less content than Halo 5 launch. You can’t come back from that and as a fan I didn’t buy the campagin because of it. This is the first campagin out of all the halos I won’t be playing. Had they went with ANY other direction I would’ve been happy but the picked the worst possible direction.

The middle man gameplay


and released it bare.

Those were some of my worse nightmares for this game and they did both.

In some ways it does, but the designs in Halo 5 (and 4) make me think of Warframe, Vanquish, etc. instead of Halo.


And this is where I go. So is the way certain things look the only improvement? When Halo infinite released I thought it was going to be a massive imporement. I thought we were ganna get most of what Halo 5 had already and MORE.

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4 years since the last major update to Halo 5. If they saw value in continuing development for this title, they would have.

6 years from last main line title, in an industry where devs and publishers are punished if they push past 2, if ongoing development hasn’t already ceased.

From a “logical” point of view, this is what should be considered. From a “logical” point of view, Infinite’s developmental purpose makes total sense.

I dunno how long you’ve been following Halo Infinite’s development, but it was crystal clear from the first public gameplay release that we were not getting more of Halo 5, even clearer if you followed the articles and written releases.


I’m talking in features as in custom games browser and stuff like that. Not story the unliked parts of it.

Also if the launch was worse than Halo 5 then how was it the better desiscsion?

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id actually love to get the halo 5 beta build onto PC


I would pay big time to have that


And I’m addressing a point you made about the logic of developing a new title:

And explaining how a 6 year old game that hasn’t had a new update in 4 years is no longer seen as being a profitable endeavor.

New hype is needed to drum up new profits, thus Halo Infinite was born.

Because there’s a subjective take on launch success, an objective take on launch success, and the objective reality of the success (or lack there of) of a title after launch.

Given the lack of introspection you bring to the table, you’re sticking with the subjective take.


…lacked a lot a launch, but that’s often forgotten about because of what was added over the course of 2 years of support. While the game eventually became a halfway decent experience with the included content, it doesn’t mean it had a good launch. Considering it hasn’t had any major support in 4 years implies that the game wasn’t successful as let’s say:


…was absolutely abysmal at launch, yet 7 years later it got its last update and is considered a success by most fans. The complete makeover of the title and continued support past the necessary fixes that actually made it playable implies MCC despite the atrocious launch actually became a viable and profitable experience by the players who picked it up. Which leads us to:


…that enjoyed pretty resounding objective success at launch despite the objective lack of content, plethora of glitches and bugs, and is mired in (overblown) controversy surround microtransactions. We have yet to see whether Infinite will be a continued success or fizzle out like Halo 5 did, but considering that 343 has already pledged support for the game for 10 years, it already sounds like it’s going to surpass Halo 5’s 2 years of support. But only time will tell if Infinite is a bottle rocket or the whole fireworks display.


So the name is your only argument. Got you.

We needed a new name to drum up hype. Sounds like a bait and switch because I was hype and now I’m not. The campagin isn’t halo. the campagin AND the multiplayer/customs is halo. At the same time

You may have enjoyed the campagin but this was far from a success. In fact I think a new named campagin as a download would’ve accomplished the same goal of “hype”.

Because putting several game engines inside of a single game usually creates a lot of problems. Look at how MCC launched and how long it took for them to solve all of the issues each game engine caused to certain aspects of the collection. Not only that but H5 came out in 2015, meaning that development took place from ~2012-2015. Being that Infinite is going to be here for 10 years, it would be a terrible idea to have Infinite on a game that was developed in the early to mid 2010s, especially since it’s obvious that the game’s graphics are held back by the base 2013 Xbox One.

That’s also why H5 hasn’t been ported to MCC, because adding more engines to a game is bound to create problems that will take time to resolve. We also have to remember that H5 is ~100 GB, adding more games to it would only increase its file size. I’d rather not be forced to uninstall every game I have just to fit Halo, much like COD players have to do to fit their ludicrously large COD files.

And the idea of having the next Halo game release as an expansion for an older game is kinda dumb. Each game plays differently than the other and was designed with different ideas in mind. By that idea, H5 should have just been an expansion soon for H4. And H4 could have just been an expansion for Reach. By doing that, each Halo game would have been limited by the previous game’s engine and would have more than likely be a different game. The reason MCC was made was so that people could play all of the older Halos on the new Xbox console. They don’t act as expansions for each other, but are full games within a collection. It makes sense logically to make a new game every so often so that developers have new tools and improve upon technical aspects of the franchise.


It doesn’t have to be on MCC then. It could just be its own game. It being a part of MCC would be an extra

I don’t see it as dumb because what upgrades are we really getting in infinite? There’s no new modes that are you unquie like warzone and breakout was. The graphics don’t even look that much of an upgrade. There is no abilites now so it’s just less of a game in terms of things to do in it. Like what experience do I get in infnite that warrants a new game? It really seems like everything they changed like putting pickups and what not could’ve just been added to Halo 5. The campagin could’ve been its own sepreate download too. They could’ve just used Halo 5 for it’s multiplayer ecosystem

I dunno what this means my guy lol

It’s clear you don’t understand how the industry works.

New games (not names) do in fact drum up hype. Especially in franchises that haven’t had a new game in 6 years lol.

You were hyped, and then you weren’t. That’s because of your subjective take.

Well it’s a good thing you’re not on the development team for Halo because you clearly don’t understand how the industry works and would rather subvert the topic rather than address the issues when someone puts a little logic in your way.

You’re not addressing the points I’m making, and choosing to make excuses instead.

I’m gonna start from the top once more, if you wanna act like an adult and discuss rather than divert the narrative, I’m all for it. I’ll take subversion as a concession though:

Your choice.


You chose: concession through subversion

I’m moving on.


Funny you talk that way but you fail to explain to me what improvements did I get in ifinite other than a new type of campagin ? There is none.

You say they didn’t update the game. Ok? That was their choice. The game was suppose to be reclaimer saga anyways so they ALREADY had a plan but it was thrown away which WAS the bad desiscsion here.

Literally your only argument is. “New game = hype = better game”

Which logically doesn’t make sense. Just because something is new and drummed up hype doesn’t mean it’s a good product. Just look at what hype did to cyber punk. A year and some change later they are still updating the game in hopes to bring it to it’s orginal vision. Quite literally what’s happening with infinite. Only this time the campaign is more liked than what cyberpunk was. Funny that cyberpunks world ended up being bare just like how Halo is bare but some don’t see the similarities because of blind praise for 343.

I would like H5 on pc as well, but you need to remember how fans feel about H5. It’s seen as a stain on the franchise because of the story and having Infinite be a part of it would more than likely -Yoink!- it. As for upgrades, I’m taking about the things that go on under the hood. Stuff that only the developers know is an upgrade because they were the ones using the tools.

And how does having less abilities make Infinite less of a game? Halo is a sandbox, arena shooter. Reach, 4, and 5 started away from the sandbox aspect of Halo while Infinite has come back to it. Not having armor abilities doesn’t make a game less of a game.

And again, you cannot continue to add upon a game that was developed in the early 2010s. You even said that Infinite doesn’t look that much better than H5. That’s because it is also on the Xbox One, the same console H5 was designed for. So to have H5 be iterated upon would mean that the game would still not look very graphically impressive as other new games that are currently coming out. I’d also imagine that pushing out new content would take longer than it is now because H5 was built before the new engine 343 is currently using.