Why didn't they just release Halo 5 in full on the PC and expand from there?

If Halo 5 were to come to the PC you would have

Halo 1-5 avaiable to play.

The multiplayer

The forge could also become more used because it would be a full release. It’s on the PC but since there is no match making no one plays it unless someone really likes to forge.

Crossplay done the right way with the option to turn it off could have been implemented.

The grapple could’ve been added if they really wanted it in halo.

The pickups could’ve been added.

And the the campagin could’ve been added as an expansion. Just imagine a campagin and release of full Halo 5 on PC at the same time. All the players that are complaining about missing content would be statsfyied with what already exsists.

You can already turn off the abilites in halo 5 so they could have made a Sprint,slide,clamber game mode if they wanted to. Release a updated BR and addd in pickups if they wanted to all while putting a system that works to good use.

From a logical point of view it doesn’t make sense why they made a new game. Imagine if they put their efforts to making Halo 5 apart of MCC so everything can be one cohesive system.


And have Halo 5 hanging around their necks like an albatross indefinitely? I’m sure they want to put that one behind them.


They could have released a campagin with the name infinite and when you click Halo 5 there could be a slider like in call of duty where you see the different games and then pick the campaign you want.

The new open world would still be under the name infinite and if Halo 5 was apart of MCC that means the expansion would been there with it making it all into one system. How wouldn’t that make the most sense?

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While halo 5 on pc would be nice for completion’s sake…why the hell would they make the campaign an expansion of 5?

h5 was not popular with the community, there’s as a reason it hasn’t been properly ported and its features were not included in infinite.


The campaign would be extra. The real meat of what I’m talking about would be the multiplayer. It already has a lot of maps. Customer games browser. Forge. Huge custom games options list. Huge selection of weapons. The expansion can have a different name. I don’t see how clicking different icons on the screen is any different than clicking on Halo 5.

Actually it is popular by everyone because it has everything that we already want. Forge. Co op. Assinaitions toggle option and a vast number of qauilty of life updates and changes are already in halo 5

They could just reworked the armor system.

Add a campagin expansion with its own name

And then make use of an already exsisting ecosystem


If they were trying to distance themselves from the stigma that Halo 5 brought them, why did they make another Halo that was even worse?


Exactly my point. The one thing Halo players wanted most was a good launch. This launch was objectively worse than the one we had with Halo 5 so wouldn’t it make sense to expand rather than start over? Because if anything I’m more pushed away from Halo rather than attracted to it because of this launch


And why would they continue the multiplayer? The multiplayer died off so quickly and was tiny over the last few years.


Because you can already turn off the abilites. Your pretty much arguing for the name at this point. If it’s possible to creat what infinite is with a little tweaking then why create a whole new game? The only explanation I see so far is. " It has to be a different name"

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Because halo 5 was hated by most of the community


The features wasn’t. The forge wasn’t. If anything you can argue the forge is all of Halo because that’s what you use to put items down on even the dev maps. Everyone can agree that the forge was good. Never met anyone that said otherwise which is why I think from a logical point of view it wouldve been better for them to use what they already have and expand instead of start over

Because that would have been a terrible idea. Bring Halo 5 to PC, sure. Make it the basis for the few years of content, when it’s already dated, and half a decade old? Sorry, that’s a bad idea at best.


What’s actually dated tho? Go into Halo 5 forge on PC and compare it to Ifinite. It still feels like a next gen polished game wether you like the abilites or not. Some things even looked better like the sticthing on the gloves

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Halo 5 is better on the console. The PC port isn’t perfect

There’s a PC port of Halo 5?

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Yeah ok, the forge was good, but it wasn’t enough


Yes. Halo 5 forge is on the along with the custom games browser.

Check it out.

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Wow, I didn’t know that.

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Exactly which is why I’m saying that the open world Halo infnite could’ve happened still but as a download instead of a full game release. it could have had its own slot on the menu and everything and next to it can be the already exsisting multiplayer that already has a lot of maps, modes and features

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