Why didn’t Adjutant Resolution attack the Banished?

So the Monitors purpose is to protect the ring from hostile threats and ensure it’s able to fire in case of a Flood outbreak.

How is an army of Banished with a Fleet of Warships trying to take the ring over not a clear threat?

They’re an invading army trying to takeover. He has an army of sentinels. Why doesn’t Adjutant Resolution send them to kill the Banished? Why not fire the rings defence guns at the Fleet?

In Halo Wars 2 the excuse is that the Banished aren’t a direct threat to the Ark and the Monitor isn’t present. All the sentinels are just on autopilot and only react to direct threats.

Instead he spends the entire game trying to kill Chief when Escharum is loudly screaming that he’s going to take over Zeta Halo.

Help me out here. Why do the Banished and Sentinels fight alongside each-other whole game? They’re the biggest threat to control of the Ring.

Quite aside from him not questioning the motives of the unusual alien that his makers had entombed. You can only lean on “he’s an idiot” so much.

Also now he’s stopped attacking Chief, hinting he would help, we really will need a good explanation for why he doesn’t order an army of sentinels to destroy the Banished presence. You know, Forerunner technology and all that. See Ghosts of Onyx for reference. Unless 343 really thinks the Banished are that powerful they can beat a Halo rings entire sentinel compliment. :roll_eyes:

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From the dialogue the monitor gave, it seems he’s sided with the banished as the banished are also supportive of repairing the ring.

As for why the ring didn’t fire on the banished before, I can only assume its because the monitor was hoping they’d deal with the cortana problem.

They want to repair it so they can steal it. That wasn’t exactly a secret for the Banished. Escharum loudly screams they intend to do this and they don’t at any point lie or communicate with the monitor.

Cortanas dead for the game so there’s no pressing threat apart from the fleet of alien warships who are here to take the ring over. I don’t see why a monitor would be okay with his installation being stolen.

Basically they’re going with Adjutant being an idiot who didn’t question the floating squid or the army of red armoured aliens. That’s more important than a Spartan delaying the ring being repaired.

He doesn’t make much sense in general.

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Monitors often become insane after 100,000 years. The poor was a sub-monitor overwhelmed by the situation. And we don’t know if Halo Zeta have as many sentinels as the Ark or Onyx. He maybe consider it was more wise to keep them in reserve against the flood or the endless.
Of course I’m not definding him, I try to find an explanation to his comportement

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Also the sentinels on a Halo don’t seems to be able to face any army. On Halo installation 4 et 5, they failed to stop the flood. I think the real problem is that the forerunner put too much sentinels on the Ark and Onyx and not enough on place where flood lab where install like the Halo

Yeah but that’s the Flood.

Even in Halo Wars 2 the setup is that if the Banished happen to be attacked by sentinels then that hammer is coming down. All the smashed bases and such you into in the earlier missions that’s up the Enduring Conviction being destroyed.

I mean obviously Halo isn’t hard sci fi and applying real world rules just doesn’t work. But a sentient AI with access to mass produced drones with working lasers shouldn’t have trouble dealing with guys who think swinging hammers is a good way to wage a war. A monitor could build thousands of sentinels for every Brute and they’re not even the top tier combat stuff. Even if the Monitor was completely bonkers and just threw them at the Banished (which literally happens in Halo Wars 2 :smile:) they’d still win.

That’s before you consider access to teleportation, situational awareness from the rings sensors and just venting the Banished into space. You know, before 343 kind of forgot Forerunner technology supersedes Banished Tech.

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The floods are stronger than the banished, so if the Halo sentinels can’t stopped the flood, they can’t stopped the Banished.
Your problem with Adjudant Resolution is the same with 343 Guilty Spark, he should have be able to stop the flood since the begining with the sentinels, the teleportation and the ability to send a part of Halo in space (like in HW2)
This is incoherent because it’s a game, it’s unfortunately as simple as that.

Also, the sentinels on the Ark were very numerous, so they should have be able to eradicate the flood instead of confine them

Adjutant the monitor could have motives similar to 343s . Remember on the library level 343 the monitor said he hoped some of the flood survived or glad some did. He also sets us up against waves of flood knowing we could be infected.