Why did you remove armor customization on the website?

Now, I love Season 2 so far, and am having a ton of fun with it, but one thing I couldn’t help but notice is that 343 removed the option to customize your armor on the Waypoint website. You’d go to your service records, click the section for Infinite, and have an armor editor right then and there. But, as soon as Season 2 dropped, this feature was quietly removed. Why? I don’t think 343 realizes that a fair bit of people used that on browser instead of the Waypoint app because the app is horrible and barely functional, whereas on the site there’d be no issues whatsoever.
What gives? This was a really nice feature to have, no reason to gut it immediately after. Either bring it back or make the damn app work, lol.

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I think maybe they are going to move customization to console side instead of server side to make the customization screen have a lot less latency. At least i hope that’s what they are planning.

Well right after Eason 2 dropped you still could with the app, but all the new assets would just show up as green Mk vii or invisible, before the feature was disabled entirely.
They probably didn’t have the low Rez version of the assets ready for the online customizer by release