Why did you like ODST?

Title asks the question. Heres my answer:

  1. The opening level. Dropping into Mombasa above the carrier was F*CKING AWESOME!

  2. This game gave me the feel of, well, being vulnerable. You couldn’t just charge into an enemy position, sheilds flaring, guns blazing, and wipe the enemy out with little casualty to you and friendly AI.

  3. The sense of surprise, almost fear. As in, when you’re walking alone in the night city, destruction all around. No one is there to welcome you or help you battle through waves of Covenant. Walking in the dark buildings, blood and dead marines lying around, and you have no idea what’ll be around the next corner. Seeing the dead Elites on the ground, you wonder what became of them.

You forgot about the music.

Oh right.
The music was superb.

I have to say that ODST had the best atmosphere. you really felt like a lone soldier using all his skill and wit just to survive the hordes of aliens that could pwn you easily.

I would agree with all of the above. Also i loved roaming around for hours just mapping out the city at night. Mainly i was looking for secret stuff but that never happened. Still fun though.

ODST is the second best Halo Campaign of the series. It might of been short but it packed a punch.

  • Day Missions: really well done, some of the best missions in the series (Data Hive,ONI Alpha Site, and Uplift Reserve are some that come to mind.

  • Solid non linear story was very fresh for a Halo game.

-Night Missions: less exciting but really set the perfect atmosphere for the game.

  • The music was the best of any Halo title which speaks volumes, help create the loneliness factor.

For me ODST is my least favourite Halo game, I just didnt get instantly gripped to it as i did any of the others. I’m not saying its a bad game though, Just not as gripping.


I really <3’d it. Exploring the vast city of New Mombasa is great when you have a few friends to play with.

Not to forget the music, I really liked the jazzy touch :stuck_out_tongue:

> I really <3’d it. Exploring the vast city of New Mombasa is great when you have a few friends to play with.
> Not to forget the music, I really liked the jazzy touch :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah as always the music was great =)


I enjoyed ODST campaign a hundred times more than Reach’s and Halo Wars’

It felt as close to Halo 2 as you can get until there is a remake…:slight_smile:

ODST introduced me to the gametype I find myself playing hours on end… Firefight. thanks to this game I can now play the best gametype (my opinion) in Halo: Reach and in ODST. so my vote is FF for the win baby!

The roockie would make a good Spartan, i must say.

NO BR!!! yeah!!!

The soundtrack and it was nice to play as something other than an Spartan or Elite for once.

Reach’s campaign sucks compared to ODST.

-Yoink- this game was amazing !!

Why did I like it?

  1. I got to finally go feet first into hell! To play as an ODST after wanting to for years? Hell yeah!

  2. The ambiance and music was supremely done, Marty should be proud of his work on ODST. Nighttime on the Mombasa Streets provided some very memorable shootouts.

  3. A very likeable cast, I really didn’t find one character that I didn’t end up liking in the end. Dutch and Buck though were hands down my favorites.

  4. Firefight! Need more be said?

  5. The Assault Rifle sound effect must have been tweaked because it sounded deeper, regardless my favorite weapon had a better sound and was rarely unavailable.

> You forgot about the music.

This. ODST theme with wicked guitar solos+ taking out a bunch of Banshees= Win. Still, when you play as the Rookie and those jazz pieces start playing, you can’t help but feel alone and lost. Hell IMO, the music is a character itself in some ways, i just felt immersed in ODST.

Why did I like ODST?

Because it was diffrent, plain and simple. It was a new experience that I would definetly do again and again. I especially like the feeling of not being a walking tank for once, and the new weapons were very nice.

I liked ODST because I loved being alone in the streets. It was possible to discover the city and we had multiple choices. It was good times. And I was really disappointed about Halo 2’s levels on Earth, it was so short, and ODST was the perfect time to explore an Earth city just after the Covenant arrival. And it had a lot of cool things : the possibility to be an ODST, good music, a cool new gametype (Firefight), different storytelling… I consider that ODST is a full game and not only an expansion. And the main character ! The rookie was silent, I could finally pretend to be this guy, since he acted as I would.

But, though I liked ODST, it’s not my favorite game, I prefered Combat Evolved and Reach Campaigns.